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15th-Jan-2014 07:43 pm By Firelight by Tigriswolf (Gen)
Fandom: Dark Angel/Supernatural
Title: By Firelight
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Ben
Author on LJ: [ profile] tigriswolf
Length: 530
Author Website: on AO3 by firelight

Why this must be read: Author's summary: “Call me Dean,” his older self said, covered in gore. “It’ll keep things simple.” A delicious snip with the power to stay with you for a long time as we get a glimspe of wee Ben with Dean.
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15th-Jan-2014 07:27 pm To Conceal a Fox by Lori_Leaf (Gen)
Fandom: Dark Angel/Supernatural
Title: To Conceal a Fox
Pairing/Characters: John, Wee!Chesters, X5-494 (Alec)
Author on LJ: [ profile] lori_leaf
Length: 11,639
Author Website: on LJ To Conceal a Fox

Why this must be read: Author's summary: John only has two sons. So why is there a boy who looks just like Dean, only several years too young? I loved this series! The premiss, character voices the whole nine yards. Pre series on both Dark Angel & Supernatural. Personally love that John's a good guy and rescues X5-494. A fun read!

Additional snips in this verse: The Care abd Feeding of Your New Family Pet, When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble, The Relucant Big Brother, 15 Winchester Family Secrets, Just Another Day at the Park, More Winchester Family Secrets, The Scientific Theories of Alec Winchester, Alec's Name is Mud, Test, 1, 2, 3..., "An Apple a Day" and Other Childhood Myths

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15th-Jan-2014 06:32 pm Through the Looking Glass by Dolimir (Gen)
Fandom: Dark Angel/Supernatural
Title: Through the Looking Glass
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Joshua, Alec, Sam
Author on LJ: [ profile] dolimir_k
Length: 1,199
Author Website: on AO3 Through the Looking Glass

Why this must be read: Author's summary: Dean falls through the looking glass. For a brief crossover I adore the picture she created, especially of Joshua caring for not Alec. It's endearing with strong voices.

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15th-Jan-2014 05:29 pm Bedpans and Brothers by Mandraco (Gen)
Fandom: Dark Angel/Supernatural
Title: Bedpans and Brothers
Pairing/Characters: Alec, Adam, Max, Logan, Dean, Sam
Author on LJ: [ profile] mandraco
Length: 10, 264
Author Website: on AO3Bedpans and Brothers

Why this must be read: Author's summary: On a routine supply run at a hospital, Alec stumbles upon a crazy guy who insists that Alec is his half-brother Dean. [ profile] mandraco takes on a couple of prompts mixes and creates a deliciously fun premise. We don't just get one Winchester brother we get all three. However the true gem of this fic is Adam and Alec - all I can say is I want more ;)

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15th-Jan-2014 02:55 pm The Fast and the Furious/Supernatural (gen)
Title: Recharging by Khaleesian
Characters/Pairing: Brian O'Conner, Dean winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer
Author on LJ: [ profile] khaleesian
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read: Brian looks for a new charger he can give to Dom. His search brings him to Singer Salvage where Sam and Dean are taking a short break from all the end of the world stuff for a little while. I love this set up and the title is perfect. This story shows these very different characters doing some very much needed recharging. Brian's quest just warms my heart and even though Dom isn't physically present in the story, he's still very much there.

Dom sacrificed the Charger to save Letty...where will Brian find another?
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16th-Nov-2013 11:59 pm Welcome to Night Vale/Supernatural, by raven_aorla (G)
Title: The Future Tense of Fear
Pairing: Gen, background Cecil/Carlos
Length: 625 words
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: works on AO3
Why this must be read:

The author’s summary: “ comedy or tragedy. (Or, How Perfect and Wonderful Carlos Humanely Got Rid of Those Two White Guys Who Were Trying to Kill Everyone)”

This story is (a) funny and (b) a trenchant commentary on how the two canons differ in their treatment of race and LGBTQ issues.

“You know, when I look back on my life less than twenty percent of my woes could be attributed to Night Vale in some way. About twenty percent more were happenstance that can happen anywhere. The remaining sixty percent were straight white men. I was starting to forget that."

“The Future Tense of Fear” on AO3
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15th-Aug-2013 08:29 pm Book Group, by Chash (PG)
Pairing: none
Length: 500 words
Author on LJ: poor_choices
Author Website: longsufferingly

Why this must be read: Because sometimes you need to read something that's wonderfully funny, and you've only got a minute. No plot necessary, just some great dialogue in perfect voices. Even though it's barely over 500 words, it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

Book Group

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And comes the end to my month of Supernatural recs. I hope those of you who were interested found something to enjoy. Apologies to people who don’t find Dean/Cas their thing. It’s just 99% of the fic I read. I hope to see the fandom back on the comm sometime soon, and there’ll be more show in the future, so the famdom will be around for a while still.

Vidder: Miachan
Musical Artist: various show themes
Length: 4:50
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] maichan
Vidder’s Website: Youtube
Why this vid must be viewed:
Sam and Dean watch more TV.

I always have a huge weakness for “flipping through channels’ styled fanvids, and this one is done absolutely fantastically. Sam and Dean watch tv. Which basically is Supernatural done in the styles of various different tv shows. A lot of it is styled to look like various opening credit sequences (ex. CSI Miami, Parks & Rec, ect. The Dexter one is kind of gross and brilliant.) or like sequences from shows themselves (ex. A telenovela, a bit of Lost with brilliant use of Mark Pellegrino, ect.) Plus, some fantastic uses of other shows the actors have been on.

Channel Surfing
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26th-Jun-2013 07:03 pm Redemption Road by Various Authors (R, NC-17, varies)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Length: 652,233
Author on LJ: [ profile] spn_redemption
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Redemption Road is a LJ-based virtual season – a fan-generated, large-scale AU project created by members of the SPN and Dean/Castiel fandoms.

So, for my last fic pick this month, I wanted to close out with the most epic Supernatural fic I’ve ever read, and one long enough to last you a good long while.

Redemption Road is an epic “season 7” that starts off right where season 6 ended (With Cas having absorbed purgatory souls and becoming a god) and goes through 24 “episodes” and interludes, building up through case ‘episodes’ and plot centric stories that builds up with to insanely epic big-bad. It cumulates like all good tv shows with a setup for future seasons. I don’t know how spoilers work or if you can spoil fic (you can get see the tags and the short summaries on all the chapters) but since this works like a tv season, the Winchesters must deal with God!Cas thenDean, Sam, and Bobby banishes the souls Cas absorbed but accidently sends Cas to Purgatory. Dean travels there to save Cas and eventually they get together. But a slithering evil is slowly seeping back into the world and turns out HP Lovecraft was right about almost everything and C’thulu wakes from his slumber and must be vanquished. Then maybe all roads may look like they lead to 2014, but what’s free will for? These are fic writers, not actual show writers, so there isn’t as much sadism. barely anyone you probably love stays dead

There are DVD extras/codas interspersed though that are pallet cleansers and the episode list helps show how the chapters break down if the AO3 listing is unclear. The episodic structure of the fics do allow for reading this fic chapter by chapter (or in chunks) so it won’t be like committing to all 650k+ at once if you don’t have the time.

There are dozens of authors and artists that collaborated to put all this together, and while you may be able to see differences in style (writing and art wise), it all works to blend together rather seamlessly into an epic season long saga.

This fic has everything. Great writing, pretty art, insanely evil big-bads, awesome Winchesters, #1 dad Bobby, in-universe character development, fun reappearances of old characters, the epic love story that is Dean/Cas, an awesomely cool OC love interest for Sam, epic mythology (not previously featured in the actual show), case fic, plot fic, hot smut, fun interludes, and an ending that may leave you wanting another season of this but alas.

Good luck.

Redemption Road
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23rd-Jun-2013 09:25 pm Some Kind of Courtship by Annie D (scaramouche) (NC-17)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 24,230
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
(Or, two sociopaths walk into a slave auction...)

So, trigger warnings first- consent issues (technically not actually? ), sadism, murder, violence, ect. I’ve linked to the series page instead of the first chapter so anyone who needs to check for the warning tags the author used won’t have to jump right into the story. So I debated whether or not to rec this (especially considering the author has other good fic that isn’t as dark, but I guess this is where the extreme end of my personal biases really coloured my pick (especially since I’ve been binging on dark, twisted "psychopath" fics these past few months)- and considering how many people kudos-ed this, I figure there’s an audience for it out there.

An AU universe where the Winchesters run some shady business, Castiel might be an assassin, and Dean and Cas have some dark twisted needs that the other just happens to fulfill. It’s obsession and possessiveness and violent relationships taken to extremes with them egging each other further on all the way.

Some Kind of Courtship
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21st-Jun-2013 07:36 am Graceless by cheesewithmy (R)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 47112
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
With the angels cast from Heaven, the big question is obviously how to get them back. The task is far from simple and the addition of old enemies claiming to be new allies only muddies the water. The fact that even their best plan promises dreadful consequences doesn't help.
Castiel just wants to go home.

And the post-season 8 fic that covers all the basis, wraps up everything beautifully (including loose ends from previous seasons), and somehow got written just weeks after the actual finale aired. I don’t want to get wordy for the people who have yet to watch the season 8 finale, but if you have and were left on tender hooks afterwards, here’s a nice bit of relief.

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19th-Jun-2013 07:36 am Tripping by Hatteress (R)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 49,074 (first “part”), 76,583 (with extras and more chapters)
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
That time the universe decided Dean belonged with Cas and wasn't afraid to pull out the big guns to make it so. Big guns in this case being obsessive fangirls, archangels turned tricksters and overly enthusiastic cupids. Welcome to Dean's life.

A slight AU starting in season 5. Cupid (on heaven’s orders) uses some magic to nudge things along between Dean and Castiel while the apocalypse is still happening around them. Dean’s resistive to the idea when the difference between suggestion and destiny isn’t made clear to him. Castiel takes a while to understand feelings. Sam gets things done and maybe rolls his eyes at the emotionally constipated idiots he’s surrounded by.

I’ve linked to the main fic, but the following ‘parts’ are shorter additions to the universe that flesh out the universe.

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17th-Jun-2013 07:37 am Kiss You When It's Dangerous by zoemathemata (NC-17)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 57593
Author on LJ: [ profile] zoemathemata
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
When his partner Uriel, betrays him, Federal Agent Castiel Novak is saved from becoming a ritual sacrifice by brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. Discovering the world of the supernatural and learning about werewolves, wendigoes, vampires and things that go bump in the night also leads to learning more about Dean and the strange life he and his brother lead. The more he learns, the more Castiel finds himself drawn into Dean’s world and toward Dean himself.
Until Uriel wants to complete the ritual he started.

A mash-up of a Cop!AU and the canon universe. Cas (and a couple of the other angels) are FBI. The Winchesters are still hunters. And some people are trying to unleash Lucifer from hell. From Cas's POV, the fic follows him as he discovers the supernatural world and catches the attention of the Winchesters. Featuring fun(human) brother Gabriel, smart competent Cas, familiar-but-with an-interesting-twist conspiracies, and more relaxed and not as damaged Winchesters.

Kiss You When It's Dangerous
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15th-Jun-2013 11:57 am Supernatural / The Matrix (PG-13)
Title: Residual Self-Image by Architeuthis
Pairing: Gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] architeuthis
Author Website:
Why this must be read:
Heaven is the Matrix.

I tend to find it amazing when writers can pack so much world building into such a short amount of words. And this certainly managed that. It’s such a great mash up of not only 2 different properties, but uses the different Supernatural words to great effect. Chitaqua and a certain high rise office work fantastically as Matrix setting parallels. Castiel is a rogue program inhabiting a (living) avatar, working with humans (and possibly other rogue programs) against the machine that is heaven. They are in search for The One.

Residual Self-Image
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15th-Jun-2013 07:45 am THE SENTINEL /SUPERNATURAL (Teen)
Title: Apple Pie and Chevrolet by Swellison
Characters/Pairing: Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, Dean Winchester; Dean Winchester/OFC
Length: 16K words
Author on LJ: [ profile] swellison
Author Website: at Idol Pursuits and at AO3

Why this must be read: Because sometimes a sentinel deserves to have some fun with his senses, and a demon chaser deserves a day off.

It’s several years past the show’s end and Blair’s a cop. He and Jim have settled in a comfortable relationship on and off the job. Just before the holiday season, Jim’s aunt calls to ask if they would like to attend an apple festival held in her small town. She’s hoping to persuade Jim to be one of the judges for the apple pie contest.

In the meantime, Dean Winchester is on the hunt. It’s two years after Sam has given up the family business and gone to Stanford, so Dean is alone in his quest. After completing his graveyard task, he’s on the road again but stops to help a young woman with car trouble. It turns out she’s from the same little town as Jim’s Aunt Helen. They hit it off and she, coincidentally, asks Dean if he’d be willing to be an apple pie judge at the festival.

This was written for the Moonridge Auction and also for the 2011 Big Bang challenge, so it has some lovely artwork as a bonus for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Apple Pie and Chevrolet by Swellison

--magician’s mantra: make an author’s day. Send feedback if you liked her story!
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13th-Jun-2013 11:26 pm Hands, From Which All Things Are Built by MajorEnglishEsquire (PG-13)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 14620
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Castiel travels with the angel tablet and without the Winchesters.
One day, Dean gets a text from some anonymous number.
(They speak in the language of need.)

A post-08.17 Goodbye, Stranger story.

Mid-Season 8 fic (so non finale compliant). Cas escapes Naomi’s control with the angel tablet and gets on a bus to nowhere. But Castiel misses his family, he he actually reaches out. And luckily, Dean is there to respond. Castiel finds his way back home through the medium of text messaging. Home is getting comfortably filled (And with some new members-Dean and Sam adopt Kevin. And Garth) Sam could also not be a happier puppy as things coalesce into stability around him, even in the middle of ongoing world-threatening drama

Hands, From Which All Things Are Built
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11th-Jun-2013 07:41 am Long and Lonesome Highway by Sorka42 (R)
Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Jess
Length: 101,899
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
What if Dean went to Sam at Stanford for help trying to find their father, and Sam said no?

Told in 6 chapters/parts. (Easy break poins.)
An AU where Dean hits the road by himself, Sam never loses Jess, and everyone seems a little more mature and less damaged (including John Winchester). Hunters get smart (yay, less deaths), Dean still meets Castiel, and Sam & Jess get their happy (maybe a little soon for an ending, more like not-tragic ongoing) life. Sam staying at Standford, building himself a normal life, doesn't mean he’s left out of the loop altogether- there’s Agent Henriksen around looking into Dean, and John Winchester bringing himself around to reconnecting with Sam. Dean’s arc kind of stays the same- hell, resurrection, meeting Castiel, and getting together with his family to stop the apocalypse, but he's far less damaged than he could be. The story speeds through the equivalent of seasons 1-3 fairly quickly (in the first chapter) and Lucifer reigns as the big bad.

Long and Lonesome Highway
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9th-Jun-2013 01:13 pm Here Open the Gate by takadainmate (PG)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 10k+
Author on LJ: [ profile] takadainmate
Author Website:
Why this must be read:
Death watches Dean Winchester. After eons of existence the feeling of something different, something original, is a novelty.

Death POV. Death puts Castiel back together again and watches Dean from afar. It might be Dean’s (and Sam’s and Castiel’s) instinctual self-sacrificing tendencies that interests Death in the first place, but Death is curious enough to keep checking back to watch Dean, and Dean with Castiel. Death is always just an observer (except when he’s not because he’s putting people back together) and his point of view feels foreign in a way that seems just enough removed from humanity to provide an interesting flavor to the pov.

Here Open the Gates
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7th-Jun-2013 07:35 am The Distance Of The Setting Sun by murron (NC-17)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 17763
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
With the apocalypse off the table and Sam returned from the pit, Team Free Will finds themselves at loose ends. When Sam suggests they take a holiday, Dean expects many things. Wearing flip-flops isn’t one of them.

(Pre -season 6) A slow relaxed fic about the boys finally getting some breathing room for once. Part of the story is the appeal of seeing the brothers unwind and finally relaxing in foreign locations. Their personalities do some out with their preferences. Cas can zap them all anywhere so Dean doesn’t have to get on a plane to get to all the places Sam wants to visit.
Part of the story is seeing all the canon emotional tension get resolved. Maybe it’s the relaxation, or everyone’s just finally reached that stage of emotional maturity to actually talk to each other and lay out their grievances. Well, at least Dean's developed the emotionally maturity here to finally be able to talk about things with the people he cares about. Sam finally deals with feeling guilty about a whole lot of things and he finally gets to express that.

The Distance Of The Setting Sun
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5th-Jun-2013 07:28 pm We could be heroes by missyjack (R)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 2,700+
Author on LJ: [ profile] missyjack
Author Website:
Why this must be read:
A tall tale is a uniquely American story form that features a larger-than-life, or superhuman, main character with a specific task. Many tall tales are based on actual people or on a composite of actual people. Exaggeration is the major element in tall tales.

A construction of a world that is only tentatively aware of The Winchesters. Who have an almost mythic reputation.

Sam and Dean have a reputation. Among hunters, among people who hear of their adventures. It's a world that isn’t entirely blind to their presence. So they become almost mythic. Not so much a narrative as snippets of their lives, adventure descriptions, and Ideas others have of their reputations. Saving people; hunting things. The family business. It leaves a mark on the world and people don't need The Winchester Gospels to turn the brothers into stories.

We Could Be Heroes
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3rd-Jun-2013 07:33 am A Mighty Dark Night by blue_fjords (R)
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 73813
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Detective Dean Winchester meets Homeland Security Agent Castiel James over a corpse.

Cop!AU’s can work so well for Supernatural (considering the show sometimes feels like a procedural anyway), and this one is pretty plotty and has a pretty huge scope while all taking place in the “real world” (i.e. no magic or monsters).

Dean is a cop. Sam’s a lawyer. All the angels are working for homeland security. Everybody gets tangled up in a large criminal conspiracy that features most of the major Supernatural villains up to season 6. Bobby, Ellen, and Jo are like family. The way all the characters here mirror their canon counterparts makes everything seem so familiar and seem in-character as they live in a universe with a murder-mystery that feels like it takes a dozen twists and turns yet somehow resolves almost exactly like you’d expect it to (since you’re so familiar with the characters).

A Mighty Dark Night
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1st-Jun-2013 01:17 pm Tales from the Bunker of Domesticity by teaandjumpers (R)
So I noticed that Supernatural hadn’t been recced outside of crossovers for over a year. And I’m one of those sad individuals that crawled through the Pit that was season 7 until the show got good again. And I frankly loved the season 8 ending and am eagerly waiting for season 9. But in the meantime, I read fic. A lot of fic. And many of them were rather good. So for people who've given up on the show, the fic might still be fun?

Pairing: Dean/Cas
Length: 17086
Author on LJ: [ profile] teaandjumpers
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Moments of domesticity between Dean and Cas (and occasionally Sam) in the Men of Letters bunker.

So to start out this month, I wanted something decidedly recent- This one was written before the season 8 finale, and the bits of canon needed to make sense of this fic are pretty much season long plot points so no real spoilers.

This fic makes full use of the new bunker and shows the Winchesters and Castiel settling in and making themselves a home. And maybe it's something to imagine for season 9. It’s lovely, it’s sedate, and it’s everything the show would never give us because this is such a calm happy existence for everyone, but that’s what fic is for.

Tales from the Bunker of Domesticity
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15th-Apr-2013 11:00 pm The Avengers (movieverse) / Supernatural (Mature)
Title / Author: Follow You Into The Dark by Misachan
Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Clint/Phil/Natasha (briefly implied)
Length: ~ 13,782 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] misachan
Author Website: Misachan's stories on AO3; Masterlist of Fic on LJ
Why this must be read: Clint Barton tries to make a deal with a crossroads demon to wipe his ledger clean after the Helicarrier attack. However, they'll only let him reclaim one lost soul in exchange for giving up his own soul ten years down the line. Unfortunately, being an Avenger is dangerous work and Clint doesn't get those 10 years.

With a little help, Natasha and Phil set about trying to bring Clint back from Hell. Part of what I love about this story is how the three characters are devoted to one another. I also liked the journey through Hell, how vivid and terrifying it is, reinforcing how much you have to care about someone to be willing to risk everything for them. It's a story of friendship and love, and well worth reading.

(The Mature rating on this story is more for violence and the disturbing nature of Hell than anything sexual.)

'None of what happened was your fault,' Coulson said again, softening his voice. )

On AO3: Follow You Into The Dark

If you enjoy the story, remember to feedback the author!
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15th-Apr-2013 02:10 pm Haven / Supernatural (PG-13)
Title: Hunter's Haven by Morgan Briarwood (morgan32)
Pairing: Gen
Author on LJ:
Author Website: Ao3
Why this must be read:
Haven, Maine is a town full of mysteries, but even among the weirdness, John Winchester is a puzzle. At first, Audrey Parker is only intrigued. When a series of strange deaths appears to involve him, she decides she needs to solve the puzzle soon. But John, too, is trying to solve one of Haven's mysteries, and this one involves Audrey herself.

Gabriel pulls John Winchester out of Hell and leaves him in Haven. And John can't leave town.
This universe provides some Supernatural-universe explanations for the events and Troubles in Haven while keeping the Haven characters truthful to their own show. John Winchester's an interesting addition to the Trouble filled Haven, and Audrey might have a more epic history than she might imagine.

It's a great creative mashup of two universes that really seems to have nothing to do with each other, but manages to keep all the elements of those two canon true to their own internal logic.
There are passing references to the timeline in Supernatural up the end of season 6.

Hunter's Haven
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12th-Feb-2013 10:52 am From Himself Can Fly by sagetan (R)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Dean/FCs
Length: 21,128
Rating: R
Warnings: AU loosely inspired by His Dark Materials. Temporary death, mind reading, interspecies UST (but all friskiness happens between adult, human-shaped beings). Incest.
Author on LJ: [ profile] sagetan
Author Website:
Summary: Dean is twenty, ready to take on the world and make Dad proud. It's just him and the road and the hunt these days, and his grumpy late bloomer of a daemon. Okay, so Sam is still a wolfhound one minute and a corn snake the next, so what. They can worry about Sam finally settling into a permanent form after they've dealt with Dean's freaky new mind-reading powers. Now if only Sam would stop being so damn uncooperative. What's that dodgy fucker so worried about, anyway? It's not like he could possibly have anything to hide from Dean.

Why this must be read: Anyone familiar with SPN knows Dean and Sam are soulmates who grew up isolated from the rest of the world. Sagetan craftily comments on this by making Dean an only child with a daemon named Samsephine. In this world, Dean and Sam remain soulmates in the most basic definition: they share one soul. Sam literally IS Dean's soul. This is used in several fantastic ways, for instance Dean's buried negativity towards his father is able to come out through Sam's irritation at John's orders. Just like in canon, Sam vocalizes what Dean is only able to hide, but because Sam is Dean's daemon, Dean's emotions become crystal clear.

She also uses an ingenious method to show how special Sam is: even at 20 years old, Sam has yet to settle. Dean's daemon is unable to reach his permanent form, giving both Dean and the reader the idea that Dean himself doesn't even know who he is. Of course, the reader has the benefit of also guessing in advance why Sam is unable to settle and watching that journey play out.

This fic also features some unforgettable side characters, including one of my favorite interpretations of Castiel ever. It covers the major moments in canon, but done in a way that they really can't even be considered spoilers. The Wincest in this consists of one kiss at the very end, although it's clear throughout if you're looking. I consider this version of Sam and Dean to be one of the most heartwrenching I've ever read: two bodies, two minds, one soul, and all the angst you could want from an adult Dean who can't understand any of it.

From Himself Can Fly on LJ and on AO3
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11th-Feb-2013 10:14 am a lie the size of the sky by oxoniensis (PG-13)
My SPN OTP is Wincest, which actually turns out to be quite the perfect pairing for daemon fusions. Authors can have the emotional intensity of them touching each other's daemon without showing incestuous sex--in essence getting the best of both worlds. Showcasing how Sam and Dean's daemons interact also allows fans to delve into the more complex layers of their relationship while still having Sam and Dean act completely in character.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Length: 12,738
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Vague spoilers through season 3, wing!fic, incest.
Author on LJ: [ profile] oxoniensis
Author Website: the oxoniensis collective
Summary: It feels familiar, the soul of the town. Acuqileena agrees, pecking him on the ear as she lands back on his shoulder, claws sharp through his jacket. "It was a long time ago," she whispers, "before I flew often."

Why this must be read: Oxoniensis has a talent for getting right to the heart of the characters in every fandom she writes. It feels like you're reading an episode, that's how good the characterization is. This fic uses the prevalence of witches in HDM and SPN as the basis for an episodic case. Since this fic was written mid-s3, it feels like an older story when Sam and Dean investigated strange occurences. Don't expect any angels or demons in this one.

Without giving too much away, the plot mirrors most of SPN's core pathos: creature in a small town, Sam and Dean uncover the mystery as they learn about each other and themselves, the ending is merely a stepping stone in their journey. Sam's daemon is spot-on, a subtle comment on his desire to be free and his eventual acceptance of life as a hunter. Dean is perfect in his focus on protecting Sam at all costs. Yes, this is Wincest, but I should note the sex happens off-screen. What we see amounts to a little kissing and some wing-petting. I feel like non-Wincest fans could enjoy this one, too.

If you're looking for a fic that brings you back to the golden old days of season 1 and 2, with a healthy mixture of the bizarre presented in the way only Supernatural can, this fic is for you!

a lie the size of the sky
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15th-Nov-2012 08:32 pm 9/10ths of the Law by tsukinofaerii (PG-13)
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Length: 6,875 words
Author on LJ: [personal profile] tsukinofaerii
Author Website: AO3 profile
Why this must be read )

9/10ths of the Law
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17th-Jul-2012 07:53 pm Cabin Fever by Strangenessandcharm (PG-13)
Fandom: due South/Supernatural
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski, Dean/Castiel
Length: 10,000 words
Author on LJ: strangenessandcharm on DW
Author Website: fic list on DW
Why this must be read:

Yes, I know, Crossover Day was the 15th. But I was on (literal) roller coasters the entire day, and recovering from the aforementioned (awesome) roller coasters and (not-so awesome) long drive home yesterday, when I wasn't at work, that is. So yeah, it's late, but I am very excited to rec this, a fic I just found last week (though it’s been around awhile). I adore both dS and SPN like nobody’s business, so the timing of finding this was excellent.

It’s told from Dean Winchester’s POV, but is still a good dS story, with a very different outsider POV. Dean is badly injured, and sent to safety in the middle of Canada, where he’s found by… do I really need to go on?

Cabin Fever
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22nd-Jun-2012 05:42 pm Necessary Faith by Alecto (Mature)
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mary Morstan/John Watson
Length: 34945 Words
Author on LJ:not that I am aware
Author Website: Alecto on AO3

Why this must be read: Because this is BAMF John becoming a Supernatural style hunter post Reichenbach. There are only brief cameos from the Supernatural characters, this is John’s story of dealing with his massive grief through being a total badass. John’s partner in hunting is an equally BAMF Mary Morstan. Mary and John are both grieving the loves of their lives. Their (mostly platonic) friendship is so well done. Alecto just started posting a sequel Burden of Proof dealing with Sherlock’s POV finding out about John’s life during the hiatus.

Necessary Faith
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23rd-Apr-2012 10:40 am Wings of Black, Brown and Grey by portraitofafool (NC-17)
It's been a hell of a month, so I'm just getting started, but I'll try to get a few good Supernatural recs in before my time is up.

Pairing: Sam/Castiel
Length: ~40k
Author on LJ: [ profile] portraitofafool
Author Website: LJ fic masterpost
Why this must be read:

This is one of those wonderful but relatively rare jewels: Sassy that is serious and also makes sense.

The story itself is an AU, with what I imagine began as a simple premise: Castiel is human and Sam is an angel. The author's world-building to make this premise work is where the story shines. Cas has a painful but human past, and Sam is an enigma both in terms of his origins and his intentions. Dean and Bobby both feature significantly in the emotional arc of the story, and there are always hints of things that may or may not be going on that Cas isn't privy to.

Wings of Black, Brown and Grey by portraitofafool
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