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15th-Sep-2010 08:10 am RUROUNI KENSHIN / THE LAST SAMURAI (PG)

Title:  A Good Conversation
Author:  Amos Whirly
Length:  3K
Pairing:  none
Author on LJ:  n/a
Author website: profile
Why this is a must read:

I was surprised when I found this fic.  At first it seemed like such an unusual two fandoms to cross, but then I realized they were perfect for each other and I wish there were more.  Nathan Algren meets Himura Kenshin by chance and as the title says, they have a good conversation.

Taka stood beside Algren, still staring in the direction that the young family had gone.

"What did you speak of, you and this hero?" she asked him with a smile.

"Nothing much," he responded. "We simply had a good conversation."

A Good Conversation
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