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1st-Dec-2013 09:01 pm 'Til I Find a Place by shiningartifact (Explicit)
Fandom: BANDOM (MCR)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Length: ~13k words
Author on LJ: [ profile] shiningartifact
Author Website: shiningartifact at AO3
Why this must be read: I'm a big fan of [ profile] shiningartifact and her fanworks, not gonna lie. And this story highlights some of the reasons why.

This is a sweet AU, set in the time after Gerard's graduated from college, and where Frank works at the Blue Moon Diner to keep him in food and rent money until Pency Prep gets a break. Gerard is struggling to not be a creepy basement dweller, but he can't help creep on the hot tattooed punk working at the diner he hangs out at, drinking coffee and sketching.

The road to happiness is a little bumpy, and in the end, you can see the first glimmers of the idea of MCR, but I'm always overwhelmed by the tenderness and warmth in this story.

'Til I Find a Place

This is unfortunately my last rec for [ profile] crack_van. Thanks to the mods for a great run. I've enjoyed reccing here for many years, in due South, Hard Core Logo, Canadian Actor RPF, and now Bandom. <3
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1st-Dec-2013 03:13 pm Fog, Sheets and Thunder by theopteryx (Mature)
Fandom: BANDOM (MCR, with guest appearances from other bands)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Length: ~6k words
Author on LJ: [ profile] theopteryx
Author Website: theopteryx at AO3
Why this must be read: Because it's a great take on the post-apocalyptic postal service idea, and [ profile] theopteryx is an amazing writer, drawing in the details with words and making this universe breathe with life. Gerard is someone who still clings to the ability to read and write, a rare commodity in a destroyed world. Frank is the person who carries messages from one community to another, braving the dust and cold. They each have something the other wants, and it's the basis of a relationship that's fragile and hesitant, but real all the same.

Fog, Sheets and Thunder - with an amazing podfic by [ profile] rhea314 available here.
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30th-Nov-2013 12:39 am As Simple as Faith series, by dear_monday
Fandom: BANDOM (MCR, the Used, Panic! At The Disco, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., and others)
Characters: many
Length: ~7k over 5 stories
Author on LJ: [ profile] dear_monday
Author Website: dear_monday on AO3
Why this must be read: This is a fusion with Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and even thought it seems like a weird combination, it works so perfectly it hurts. [ profile] dear_monday is one of my favorite writers and this is a perfect example of why: characterizations sharp enough to cut, and beautiful prose that leaves you gasping on the floor. She doesn't pull her punches, and you can taste grit and sweat and blood woven into every word.

With a surge of new strength, he slams Bert against the floor, straddling his hips to hold him down and digging his fingers into the soft spot behind his collar bone. Bert writhes and spits and glows, because this is why they do this, this is what Frank needs; the fierce euphoria and the bloody joy of hell-raising.

Bert catches Frank's answering nasty grin between his teeth and tucks it away to remind himself that as long as they've got this, they've got a chance.

As Simple As Faith series - also podficced by [ profile] dapatty
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29th-Nov-2013 09:50 pm sceneverse by tuesdaysgone and fleurdeliser (Explicit)
Fandom: BANDOM (MCR, with guest appearances from other bands)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Grant Morrison, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Frank Iero/Grant Morrison/Gerard Way
Length: ~137k over 9 stories
Author on DW: tuesdaysgone and fleurdeliser
Author Website: tuesdaysgone on AO3, fleurdeliser on AO3
Why this must be read: Because no one brings the OT3 like tuesdaysgone and fleurdeliser. This is a story about a young man, a Craigslist ad, and a sex shop. Who knew that accepting a job at Strange Artefacts would lead Frank into the world of kink and BDSM. Frank learns about the scene, experiments with what he likes, and slowly falls in love with his boss Grant. It isn't until later that they meet Gerard, and have to re-evaluate their relationship.

The pacing of this series of stories is slow and perfect, building the UST to the breaking point, and then satisfying with romance and sweetness. The authors have a deft hand with the story and characters, and this series remains one of my go-to favorites. It's the perfect combination of my favorite elements: kink and commitment and negotiation and love and lust.

sceneverse - also available as awesome podfics by accrues here
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29th-Nov-2013 12:05 am Frank Iero, AI by theladysnarkydame (Teen)
Fandom: BANDOM (MCR)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Lindsey Ballato/Gerard Way
Length: ~3500 words
Author on DW: theladysnarkydame
Author Website: snarkydame on AO3
Why this must be read: It's rare that you come across a story that's so unique and different that it blows your mind away. This is one of those stories. The prompt was post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk detective agency and the author chose to go with both to stunning effect.

Frank Iero is an AI living in a virtual world, the only world he's ever known. He takes great care to present the appearance of a film noir detective, and is more than willing to take on Gerard's missing persons case.

I love how theladysnarkydame weaves in little details and creates a lush, desperate universe. I would happily read more of the world she's created.

Read more... )

Frank Iero, AI
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28th-Nov-2013 11:42 pm Bury This Town by croissantkatie (Mature)
Fandom: BANDOM (Cobra Starship, the Hush Sound)
Pairing: Victoria Asher/Greta Salpeter
Length: ~1100 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] croissantkatie
Author Website: croissantkatie on AO3
Why this must be read: This is a dark and haunting little story, wound through with a smoldering heat that burns. [ profile] croissantkatie uses absolutely gorgeous language and imagery to show us a world being destroyed by the uncontrollable wildness inside a woman's heart.

An excerpt... )

Bury This Town, also available as a podfic by [ profile] dapatty.
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27th-Nov-2013 12:25 pm Everything in Your Eyes by mwestbelle (Explicit)
Fandom: BANDOM (MCR)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Length: ~5100 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] mwestbelle
Author Website: mwestbelle on AO3
Why this must be read: This story is one of those stories that punches you in the face and leaves you gasping on the ground. It's brutal, dark, and it hurts so fucking much. [ profile] mwestbelle paints a perfect noir mystery, with Gerard as the telepathic cop and Frank as the victim of a puzzling crime. The plot is gripping as you try, like Gerard, to figure out what is going on, and in the end, it doesn't matter.

This story left me shattered and crying and the first thing I did was read it again. If you enjoy really well written dark stories, this one is perfect. Just mind the author's warnings.

Everything in Your Eyes
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27th-Nov-2013 12:46 am The Ridiculous One that Takes Place during Warped and Ray's a Little Kid, by sena (Mature)
Fandom: BANDOM (MRC with guest appearances from other bands)
Pairing: none
Length: ~3500 words
Author on DW: janesays
Author Website: Sena on AO3
Why this must be read: This is Warped Tour 2005 at it's best: ridiculous, magical, filthy, sweaty, and full of surprises. Ray gets age-regressed into a little kid, and for some reason it falls onto Frank's not very responsible shoulders to take care of him.

One of the best things about this story is Ray's dialog - breathless and excited and all one sentence, perfect for a kid who's four or six or maybe nine. This story has a few surprisingly tender moments, and a few moments that are awesome surprises. It's one of my go-to comfort stories.

The Ridiculous One that Takes Place during Warped and Ray's a Little Kid
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15th-Nov-2013 12:10 am Playing Hooky by were_duck (Explicit)
Fandom: BANDOM (Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship)
Pairing: Victoria Asher/Travie McCoy
Length: ~1900 words
Author on DW: were_duck
Author Website: were_duck at AO3
Why this must be read: This is the hottest little hookup ever in the history of Bandom, bad girl Vicky-T and lanky Travie, playful and teasing and sweet. I love the atmosphere Were_duck manages to create, NYC dance floors and Vicky's apartment, and all the trouble Travie and Vicky get into. The little details, Vicky's dog Gizmo, the tattoos that cover Travie, his giggles and 4 am diner pie all combine to make this story one of the hidden treasures of the fandom.

Playing Hooky
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15th-Nov-2013 12:08 am Like Rebel Diamonds by romanticalgirl (Explicit)
Fandom: BANDOM (Black Cards, Cobra Starship)
Pairing:Bebe Rexha/Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz
Length: ~4300 words
Author on DW: romantical
Author Website: romanticalgirl on AO3
Why this must be read: Years after the Black Cards break up, Bebe and Pete meet up again at the Grammy's. They make small talk, share memories and realize that maybe things happened because they were meant to happen. Gabe joins them, and the heat flares between the three of them, breathless and urgent and thrilling.

It's a meeting at a crossroads, Pete and Bebe and Gabe, different but the same, reaching out for a connection that might just be something more.

Like Rebel Diamonds
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9th-Nov-2013 11:48 pm it starts with kissin' ears by xstarlesscity (teen)
it starts with kissin' ears by xstarlesscity (teen)

Fandom: BANDOM (Panic! at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes)
Pairing: Travie McCoy/Brenna Urie (MtF!Brendon)
Length: ~1500 words plus ~1k in an untitled sequel
Author on LJ: [ profile] xstarlesscity
Author Website: unknown
Why this must be read: This is a lovely pair of stories with Brenna Urie (MtF!Brendon) struggling with acceptance not only in the larger world, but also within the confines of a relationship. [ profile] xstarlesscity writes about a complex subject with a skilled, deft hand, bringing a level of realism that's believable and perfect. Coming out is never an easy thing, less so when you present as a gender different than what's between your legs.

The characterizations feel spot on and Travie is a perfect foil for Brenna - tender, understanding, and smart.

it starts with kissin' ears and a sexy untitled sequel
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6th-Nov-2013 12:06 pm and me here on the ground by ohnoktcsk (explicit)
Hi, I'm aka, and I'll be your Bandom driver this month. Our van's full of merch and smells like beer, pot and stale burritos, but it's what we've got.

It's been a tough year for Bandom in many ways, and a good year in others, but it hasn't stopped the flow of amazing fanworks in the fandom. Such is life in a RPF fandom.

Anyway, I'm pretty open to the various pairings in the fandom, but I do have a strong bias toward MCR, and rarer pairs, and I'm going to try to highlight some of the more recent stories in the fandom.

Fandom: BANDOM (MCR, with guest appearances from other bands)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Length: ~32k words
Author on DW: ktc
Author Website: ktc on AO3
Why this must be read: Because ktc created the most amazing world, filled with dragons and magic and bells, and because she built the city of Jersey in her head and made it come to life. Jersey is populated with characters and creatures that feel real and believable.

ktc takes us on a journey with Frank, bike courier extraordinaire, as he stops being a bystander to his own life. We watch as his relationship to Gerard and magic evolve and change and grows richer. Frank opens himself up to the possibilities and it's beautiful to see.

The story is sweet and satisfying in all the best ways. ktc did a wonderful job of writing this story, and I hope she continues to tell us stories of cute boys and dragons. <3

Excerpt... )

and me here on the ground
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19th-Sep-2013 10:39 pm Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made It Happen) - bexless
Fandom: BANDOM - Ensemble (MCR, FOB, PATD, The Used, etc)
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Length: 23,110 words
Author on LJ: not anymore
Author Website: AO3
Summary: Working Girl AU.

Why this must be read: Bexless has passed through here before with her truly excellent writing and anyone who has read (and reread) her entire catalogue will understand why I feel like this really shouldn't require any explanation. Despite what the author herself might think. :)

For the few that haven't read this, I urge you to do so as soon as humanly possible. It contains all the typical bexless traits: excellent characterisation, a well-structured storyline, wide spread of bandom characters, good humour, etc etc. It's a great story that, despite being pretty predictable, still manages to engage you. Kind of like a rom com: entertaining, comfortable and hilarious.

He toes off his sneakers in the elevator, wobbling on one foot as he shoves his feet into his stupid formal work shoes that pinch, and he isn't looking where he's going when the elevator dings and the doors slide open and Frank walks straight into a face full of balloons. )

Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made It Happen).
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14th-Sep-2013 11:47 pm Jon's Bookstore Series - foxxcub (R)
Fandom: BANDOM - Ensemble (MCR, FOB, PATD and a smattering of others)
Pairing: Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Length: 26,260 words in two stories
Author on LJ: [ profile] foxxcub
Author Website: AO3
Summary: A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business.

Why this must be read: The premise is roughly explained by the summary and title: Jon inherits a bookstore. Considering this is an ensemble fic, obviously pretty much everyone in bandom shows up in some capacity or another and shenanigans ensue. It's mostly a PATD fic, I'm not going to lie, but as all good ensemble fics it manages to balance out character time pretty well so even if Panic isn't your thing, I'd urge you to give this one a try. :) I don't think you'll regret it.

As for why you should give it a try, there's a myriad of reasons. Excellent characterisation, plenty of humour, solid storytelling. It's not a stunning, award-winning, mindblowing piece of literature, but as far as well-written fic goes, trust me, you could do far, far worse.

Katherine Walker owned Between the Lines Used Books for over forty years. )

Jon's Bookstore (A Few Of My Favourite Things) on LJ or on AO3

Anyone Perfect Must Be Lying (Jon's Bookstore II) on LJ or on AO3.
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11th-Sep-2013 08:49 pm Mutant 'verse - stereomer
Fandom: BANDOM - MCR (with a hint of FOB)
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Length: 33,138 words
Author on LJ: not anymore
Author Website: AO3
Summary: It first happened on the night he turned twenty years old.

Gerard had reserved that entire week for getting drunk and trying not to think about the fact that he was another year older and had nothing to show for it, and thus was still drunk when the first hints of noise flitted through his brain, quick as anything, from one side of his mental periphery and out the other.

Why this must be read: Hold on to your tissues for this one, guys. I wouldn't exactly call it a tearjerker, but it's most definitely categorised as Angst, Capital A in my book. It's an AU, more specifically a mutant dystopia AU (three of my favourite things!), with a heavy focus on Frank and Gerard. What I love about this story the most is that it doesn't pull any punches and (for the most part) it stays true to the concept of a dystopia. It's not smiles and roses and rainbows with some badness happening in the background; it's a full-on story of shitty things in a shitty world and how sometimes they can bring you not-shitty things.

The story was originally posted in reverse order, but I'd advise you to read it the chronological way, as Slurring The Rhythms contains quite a few spoilers for Into The Sun. On the other hand, reading them in reverse increases the heartbreak potential in my opinion. In any case, read as you will, as long as you definitely read. :)

I think I'm schizophrenic )

Mutant 'verse

Note: It seems that once again I must apologize for the long silence. Real life hasn't been very kind lately. I will try my bestest to provide you with regular updates but I won't make any promises because I'm not quite treading on solid ground on this end of the computer screen. Once again, my apologies.
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29th-Aug-2013 11:05 pm When you were sweet - jamjar (R)
Pairing: Patrick/William
Length: 28,405 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] jamjar
Author Website: AO3
Summary: How William Beckett spent his summer vacation that time he turned into a girl (or why teenage romantic stupidity transcends gender and doesn't stop even when you're no longer a teenager).

Why this must be read: I know at least a few people are raising their eyebrows right now ("Patrick Stump and William Beckett? Really?") but my fandom philosophy has always been that there are very few pairing I won't read, provided the story is well written. And it's done me good up to now because it means that every once in a while, I come across stories like this one: excellent writing for a pretty rare pairing. Patrick and William aren't an obvious choice, but it's hardly inconceivable considering they travel in pretty close circles. And honestly, this is fandom. It's not like we need two characters to even know each other to slash them.

The writing on this story is solid, though not as polished as it could be, but what really hooked me here is the at times almost visceral emotions Patrick displays. Plus, I am a total sucker for UST and yes, there is UST. I also really like that the story goes on beyond the genderswap, that it's not just "Surprise! This girl is Bill and has been all along!" the end. I love that there is a well-thought out resolution to the romantic conflict. Plus, it's a semi-unique take on the every popular genderswap.

At least it's happening now and not when they're in the middle of touring. )

When you were sweet
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25th-Aug-2013 10:59 pm Wednesday Night Boys - arsenicjace (NC-17)
Fandom: BANDOM - PATD, MCR, FOB (in the background)
Pairing: Spencer/Bob, Ryan/Brendon/Jon, Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray
Length: 92,000+ words
Author on LJ: [ profile] arsenicjade
Author Website: Taste of Poison
Summary: Where Panic are largely rentboys, MCR runs a clinic and FOB is off in Sausalito, saving the manatees.

Why this must be read: Wednesday Night Boys is such a quintessential fic in bandom for me, I was incredibly surprised to find nobody had recced it yet. (If someone has and I missed it, I apologize. But it's totally worth a double mention.) The summary makes it sound simple but in reality it's a very compelling story with complex characters and unexpected turns (well sort of. This is fic we're talking about) and lots of emotion that is pretty much guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. It will make you happy and sad and everything inbetween, and it has a happy ending, like every good story should. :)

I also very much like the fact that there's two stories: Wednesday Night Boys and Home Is A Name, telling the story of the streets and the story of the clinic, respectively. Wednesday Night Boys features a lot of bandom characters but doesn't really expand on anyone outside of PATD, except Bob. They all seem very awesome but you can tell they have their own story, which doesn't fit in WNB. But then Home Is A Name tells that Frank-Gerard-Mikey story, so it's kind of like having the cake and getting to eat it too.

If you have a fondness for hookerfic and you haven't read it yet, I highly, highly recommend it.

There's a pool going for how long the new kid'll last. )

The entire Wednesday 'verse can be found here on [ profile] arsenicjade's website. Quick links to the big stories:

Wednesday Night Boys & Home Is A Name

PS: I'm terribly sorry for the delay in posting. Someone I've known for a very long time passed away a few days ago and I completely lost track of this community. Thankfully, the mods have allowed me to make up for it next month so hopefully, I'll be able to post every other day till the end of September. :)
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19th-Aug-2013 09:32 pm Not A Big Deal - lovelypoet (NC-17)
Fandom: BANDOM - Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Length: 3000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] lovelypoet
Author Website: None that I could find.
Summary: It's not a big deal anymore, it's really not. (Telepathy fic)

Why this must be read: Despite there not being anything supernatural about bandom canon (confirmed anyway, but I've always had my suspicions about the Way brothers...), the fandom is rife with supernatural fic. Bodyswap, genderswap, vampires, sudden appearance of wings, etc etc. The trick is seperating the good stuff from the bad stuff, and this is definitely one of the good ones. It stays very true to the characters and it's a reasonable transition from friends-with-telepathic-connection to friends-who-are-in-love.

Plus, [ profile] lovelypoet comes highly recommended by pretty much everyone (I'm sure we all remember Something Better), and this fic is no exception to her excellent track record. If you like telepathy, you'll like this. I promise.

Selected Excerpts from the Pete and Patrick Communications Commission Rules: )

Not A Big Deal
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16th-Aug-2013 10:00 am A Brokedown Melody - flyingtapes (Light R)
Fandom: BANDOM - FOB/PATD & Blue Crush
Pairing: Jon/Cassie, John/Spencer, Anne Marie/Eden
Length: 35,525 words
Author on LJ: Not anymore
Author Website: The fanfiction of flyingtapes
Summary: When Jon is twelve, his parents move the family to Hawai'i.

Why this must be read: MCR was my main love in this fandom, and yet somehow this is one of my favourite fics. It's almost a character study in Jon Walker, since the main story never deviates from his life and his POV, but character studies sometimes get a little dull and this one doesn't. Full disclosure: it takes a bit of time to get going and the beginning is somewhat descriptive and can get frustrating, but I promise you: it gets better.

It's a realistic portrayal of how sometimes things can go wrong and your dreams can be gone in the blink of an eye. But it also tells of how when one thing in your life disappears, something else more often than not takes its place. For me, my favourite thing about this story is the pacing. It feels a bit like ebb and flow, which is funny considering the amount of ocean in this fic, and the story (and Jon in this story) feels so laidback and nice and steady and just... It makes me feel good. :) It's perhaps a bit unrealistic in that everything ends up so nice and tied up with a bow for Jon, but, well, we all love our happy endings, don't we?

Everyone in their neighborhood is really friendly and no one locks their doors, and Jon learns quickly who he can beg rides to the beach from and who he can’t. )

A Brokedown Melody
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14th-Aug-2013 04:23 pm anything please (except for defeat) - addandsubtract (R)
Pairing: Gen in the first part. Mikey/Ryan, Pete/Mikey in the second.
Length: 47,922 words over two stories
Author on LJ: [ profile] addandsubtract
Author Website: None that I could find
Summary: “What? Oh, geez, kid.” Gerard laughs, and it’s not mean, but the kid half-flinches back, a repressed sort of reaction, mostly suppressed but still visible. Gerard notices for the first time the way the line of his hips is sharp enough to cut paper.

“Ryan,” he says, meeting Gerard’s eyes again. “My name is Ryan.”

Why this must be read: When I first got a whiff of this fic, I was pretty skeptical. For all that everyone in bandom seems to know everyone else, MCR and PATD always looked fairly removed from each other. So when someone wrote an AU where Ryan gives their demo to Gerard instead of to Pete, my face was pretty much :/. But I gave it a shot (and you should to) and I'm glad I did (and you'll be too).

For all that the summary makes it look like this is a PATD centric story, it's got equal amounts of MCR and Panic. It's got an excellent Gerard voice and an amazing Gerard/Brian dynamic. Plus, bb!PATD is equal parts determined and adorable, so much so that you'll find yourself wishing they'd come to give their demo to you instead. Plus, there's a sequel.

The first week of non-response is the worst for Ryan. )

Note: This fic was originally posted on LJ, but the formatting there somewhat grates for me (the whole story is in italics), so I tracked it down on Dreamwith too. The linking on DW seems to have gone awry, though, so I'm linking to each seperate part. Up to you where you want to read it. :)

anything please (except for defeat) and sequel conjuring up our melancholy

anything please (except for defeat) part one | part two | part three

conjuring up our melancholy part one | part two | part three
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10th-Aug-2013 10:40 pm As Close As It Gets To Home - airgiodSLV (NC-17)
Fandom: BANDOM - ensemble
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Gabe/William
Length: 52,175 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] airgiodslv
Author Website: AO3
Summary: Ryan takes in a breath, retreating from Spencer’s mind to brush against the newcomer, but when he reaches there’s nothing there. Telepath police consultant AU.

Why this must be read: This is one of the stories in bandom I must have read more than a dozen times and yet somehow, I never ever get sick of it. The storyline is compelling and clever, it has a few unexpected twists and emotional turns that are just as amazing the 10th read as the first. The characters ring so true, you'll end up wishing you were a telepath too. Not to mention: there's so much of it! 50k+, um, yes please. :D

Are you ever going to find a partner for Urie? )

As close as it gets to home

Note: [ profile] airgiodslv posted this as a series with part 2 being a prequel to part 1. However as a sort of sidestory, [ profile] bexone wrote her own version of the Chicago branch of telepath police consultants, which can be found here. I suppose you can look at it as if the AO3 series is the original and [ profile] bexone's fic is an AU of that. But regardless of where and how it ties in, it's an amazing story and definitely worth a the read.
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5th-Aug-2013 10:47 pm High School Alternate Universe - Iphignia939 (R)
Fandom: BANDOM - ensemble with a focus on MCR
Pairing: Frank/Gerard mostly, but background past!Pete/Mikey, Mikey/Alicia, Branden/Jepha and John/Jesse
Length: No idea, but I'd estimate...15-20k
Author on LJ: [ profile] iphignia939
Author Website: unknown
Summary: Me: No, seriously, Frank is really fucking pretty. God, *please* tell me someone's done an AU where Gerard and Frank are in a Catholic boarding school and they secretly meet up in the back of the library and make out, hands clutching each other's waists while they kiss softly and talk dirty to each other under the watchful eye of God.
xoverau: It's one thirty in the morning Christmas, and I have to be to work by eight AM, and I wasn't going to even sign in to LJ, but in fact I was hurled there by the desire to go OMGUHWIBBLEDROOLPRETTY over [that] and offer to write you just about anything your heart could desire in exchange for THAT FIC.

Why this must be read: As you can gather from the summary, the concept of this fic is pretty simple. It's a series of shorter stories that create an AU where bandom goes to high school together, alternating stories about Frank and Gerard with stories about various other people. It's a novel concept, but the reason why this story is so brilliant (despite the fact that it doesn't really have much in the way of plot, and it's not technically finished) is the world-building.

Ever read an AU where everything was so amazing and awesome, you really just want to live in it and never leave? Yeah, that's how this one is. Somehow, in the space of 10 individual stories, Iphignia manages to create a world that has pretty much all of bandom in it, has background stories and characterisation for 75% of the guys (and girls) and is enganging and amusing and awesome to boot.

If it was at this school, I might consider going back to high school. Maybe. That's how amazing this story is. (Fair warning: this story has been labelled WIP by the author and hasn't been updated since 2006, so it's unlikely to be finished. But so worth it.)

How many of these do we have left, anyway? )

There's no single tag or single post on her journal where she links the parts, so I'll round them up for you here:
01. the wonders and undiscovered joys of the Dewey Decimal system
02. try again
03. after-school special
04. word of mouth
05. breathing exercises
06. scenes from an unconvential romance
07. waffle house
08. four days
09. blank canvas
10. ladies' night
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3rd-Aug-2013 01:09 am Don't Believe The Hype - adellyna & txtequilanights (NC-17)
What up, bandom! :) My name is Fia and I will be your driver this month! It's been a while since I was an active participant in bandom, but I noticed that there are several classic works missing from this comm so when it was advertised that bandom was running low on drivers, I figured it was a sign. That's what I'll be focussing on this month, fics that were posted a while back and as such have faded into obscurity, so pay in mind that the band situation in these stories might be radically different from today. I.e. Bob is still with MCR; Panic! is still Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and Jon; etc. etc. You know what I mean. :)

That being said, don't bother to buckle up or keep your hands within the vehicle, audience participation is encouraged during this ride! ;) And we're off!

Fandom: BANDOM - Fall Out Boy & Cobra Starship
Pairing: Pete Wentz/Ryland Blackington
Length: 20623 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] adellyna & [ profile] txtequilanights
Author Website: unknown
Summary: Canon-based, where Pete plays Florida with Arma and he and Ryland meet at one of their shows. Long-distance shenanigans ensue.

Why this must be read: My personal preference goes out to ensemble fics (you know, where everyone and their grandma makes an appearance), probably because I never could pick a favourite. :) But every once in a while a story comes along that, despite the summary or pairing not being my thing, makes me go "...huh." This is one of those stories.

In terms of plot, it's not intricate or mindblowing, but it's sweet and cute and feels very realistic characterwise. Pete is still Pete, bad moods and all; and Ryland is still Ryland. Also Nate, in particular, makes for a very nice touch. :D All in all, this reads like a very nice romantic story that, given a few squints here and there, could actually have happened. What more could you want? Even if the pairing isn't your thing (it ain't mine either), give it a try. :)

Arma Angelus attacks their instruments, and then Pete starts doing this thing that seems to be half screaming and half fellating the microphone. )

Don't Believe The Hype
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31st-Jul-2013 04:50 pm Waving Tiny Stick Hands by sunsetmog (Rating: General Audience)
Fandom: BANDOM
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Jon Walker
Length: 763 words
Author on LJ:[ profile] sunsetmog_fics
Author Website: On AO3
Why this must be read: This is tiny and adorable! It even includes sad cupcakes!
Summary: "I think you've really captured my spirit," Jon tells him. He has his feet up on the seat. He's wearing socks; it looks funny when he wiggles his toes.

On AO3
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31st-Jul-2013 04:32 pm What to Expect, by arsenicjade (Rating: Adult)
Fandom: BANDOM
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way, past Mikey/Alicia, canon side pairings
Length: (30K)
Author on LJ: [ profile] arsenicjade
Author Website:

Why this must be read:
My note:Not sure why this month became a Mikey-fest, but here's another Mikey rec. I could have spent the whole month reccing nothing but [ profile] arsenicjade fics. She has such solid grasp of all the characters and a deft way of mixing humour and drama. This one really gets inside Mikey's head, and although it is kid!fic, and she's adorable, she doesn't take over the story. The parts with Alicia are heartbreaking. But at least there's always his brother and the guys in the band to keep Mikey going.

Author's note: This was started before Bob and MCR parted ways and before Frank announced Jamia's pregnancy. Canon is based accordingly.
Mikey & Alicia have a baby. And a divorce. The band pitches in to help Mikey. Especially Bob.

Excerpt )

What to Expect
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28th-Jul-2013 10:48 am Is your button fly a metaphor? by rivers_bend (NC17)
Fandom: BANDOM
Pairing: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way
Length: (8,270 words)
Author on LJ:[ profile] rivers_bend
Author Website: On AO3, At Dreamwidth
Why this must be read: My note: Beautifully, vivdly written. Some scenes stick in my mind months after reading this. Pete, Pete, 'Gay above the waist' Pete - his constant second guessing and the way he's drawn continually back to Mikey is perfect. If you like Pete OR Mikey at all you have to read this.
Author Summary: Warped is crazy and hot, and Mikey Way is distracting, and Pete is always his own worst enemy.

Excerpt )

Is your button fly a metaphor? at Dreamwidth
Is your button fly a metaphor? at AO3
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24th-Jul-2013 09:55 pm summer air reminds me (some things never change) by unperfectwolf (PG)
Fandom: BANDOM
Pairing: Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, past mikey/alicia, past pete/ashlee
Length: 7,120 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] unperfectwolf
Author Website: LJ AO3
Why this must be read:
Author Summary: It's seven years later, and maybe it's what it should have been all along. "I just... I like it. Here,” Mikey tells him. “I fit here.” - Gerard is quiet for a moment. “You always fit with him, Mikey."
My note: Mikey's been drifting since breaking up with Alicia. He ends up filling in as studio bassist for a certain Mr Wentz. This is gorgeous! I love the gentle easy way they slip back together. I love protective Gerard! ♥ And a happy Mikey makes a happy me.

On AO3 (must sign in)
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18th-Jul-2013 10:47 pm After by Sinsense (R)
Fandom: BANDOM
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Length: (7,000 words)
Author on LJ: [ profile] sinsense
Author Website: AO3 Sinsense (though there's no other Bandom stuff there)
Warnings: "... for some sex, lots of cursing, and the end of the world."
Why this must be read: I'm a sucker for post-apocalypse fics, but THIS FIC. It's sparse and beautiful and reads like a modern fable. I've read it several times! It's Frank's POV, and he's withdrawn and fierce and skeptical. Until he finds the boys in the trees...

Just the first paragraph! )

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13th-Jul-2013 07:07 pm Not Smashing Windows by Inlovewithnight (Mature)
I checked back 1.5 years, and even though [ profile] inlovewithnight gets recced a lot, this one didn't come up.... (sorry about ugly links!)

Fandom: BANDOM
Pairing: Mikey Way/Gabe Saporta
Length: (32K)
Author on LJ:
Author Website:
Summary: In the beginning, they were the scene. An origin story.
Warnings: hate-based violence and slurs.
Why this must be read: *flail* I loved this so much! Mikey was SO very Mikey, and I hardly know a thing about Gabe, but this character was awesome. It's the story of Gabe and Mikey, from the first meeting in a crowded club. It’s from Gabe’s POV just as he’s leaving for college. It's so beautifully written, and feels like it could really have happened that way. I adored the way Mikey got under his skin, and really understood Gabe right from the beginning, and it was Gabe that had to learn himself.

Excerpt )

Link: 'Not smashing windows was making me sad'
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6th-Jul-2013 08:56 am 'Common Circuitry Problems' by cest_what, softlyforgotten (Teen)
Fandom: BANDOM (Panic At the Disco)
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith/Jon Walker
Length: (3,215 words; podfic 23 minutes)
Author on LJ:[ profile] softlyforgotten [ profile] cest_what. Reader [ profile] coriande
Author Website: cest_what, softlyforgotten, coriande

Why this must be read/listened:What an awesomely cute story. Robot &RYAN; is just PERFECT, and it has the sweetest ending too. Coriande's vocal version adds another layer of awesome - she made me LOL at work, and then melt into a puddle \o/

Summary: In the 24th century robotics are pretty advanced, but …"Oh," Brendon breathed. "Your robot has a stutter. Spencer, that's *adorable*."…

Common Circuitry Problems: Text or Podfic
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