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15th-Jan-2012 01:27 pm Fissures by Zeke Black/istia (mature)
Pairing: Chris/Ezra
Characters: Chris, Vin, Buck, Ezra, Nathan, J.D., Josiah, Morgan 'Two Persons' Beaudine, Quinton Beaudine
Length: 6,233
Author on lj: n/a
Author website: istia on A03

Why this must be read: Well, because it's a beautifully crafted and intelligent story.  And because it's delightful to see the short-lived 1976 western TV show 'The Quest' (which starred Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell as two reunited brothers searching for their sister) remembered and featured in high-quality fic.  The show crosses over with Mag7 very neatly; not just because they're both stories of the old west, but very much because of their shared themes.  It was written for an 'amnesia' prompt, but it's much more than that - a wonderful look at identity, recognition, insecurity and family.

But he should know them, if they were what they said, even if he couldn't bring their names to mind.  You had to know who to trust just like you could trust your gun and your horse not to let you down.  His gun had slid into his hand with instant familiarity; he felt in his gut he'd know a true friend in the same instinctive way.

He'd known his gun and he needed that same certainty about a man before he'd take a gamble with his life.


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