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17th-Apr-2012 09:36 pm Turns Upon a Dragon's Wing by Sorka
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Length: 40840 words
Author on LJ: not known
Author Website: http://www.852prospect
Why this must be read: - I originally thought of posting this for crossover day, but it's actually a fusion rather than a crossover, so I decided against it - but I still want to rec it.

Jagrassim is the older son of a small Holder, found on Search by blue rider P'grast and taken to Fort Weyr where he Impresses a bronze dragon. His father is not best pleased and disowns him. A year or two later, the Masterharper attends a Hatching with one of his senior Journeymen, Ballair... and when it hatches, a green dragon chooses Ballair. And when J'im's senses begin to give him trouble, B'lair thinks he can find answers in the old records in the Harper Hall or perhaps the Healer Hall.

Sorka fits the Sentinel characters very neatly into the Pern universe. Tney are completely recognizable as the people we know and love, and the Pern setting also feels completely authentic. It does help to have some slight acquaintance with the Pern universe, because the story is set in it, but ultimately it's a tale of two men getting to know each other. It's posted to two places,

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