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31st-Oct-2011 08:52 am Nachtmahr by fireez (R)
Fandom: WATCHMEN (Crossover with Silent Hill.)
Characters: Adrian, with cameos from the rest of the Crimebusters.
Length: Multi-chapter
Author on LJ: [ profile] fireez
Author Website: Author's fic journal.
Warnings: Violence, rape, gore, psychological horror.
Why this must be read: Since it's Halloween, I thought I'd finish off the month's recs in appropriately creepy style. This skilfully paced story makes the transition from spooky atmospherics to hellish brutality work very well, and there are plenty of scares along the way. The setting is also meshed very well with the Watchmen-verse: while the action takes place in Silent Hill, the demons by which Adrian is pursued are most definitely his own.

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