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15th-Jun-2013 09:09 pm HETALIA/CAPTAIN AMERICA (Teen)
Title: 5 Times Captain America Met His Country Gecko Osco
Pairing: America/England, Captain America/Peggy
Length: 9,299
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Author's Summary: Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America, is trying to adjust to living in the 21st century. This is further complicated by finding out nations exist as living beings and America is a bit of a fan-boy regarding him.

I don't like Captain America. However, I Love America and was intrigued by the possibility of this fic. I LOVED THIS FIC.

Out of all the countries represented in Hetalia, America downright makes me laugh because of him being so...American. America made me laugh in this fic because OF COURSE he would be a fan of Captain America. The interactions were hilarious and a bit poignant and leaves you smiling in the end. I also feel that a writer is successful when they make you feel for characters you don't care too much about. This was accomplished brilliantly.

5 Times Captain America Met His Country
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15th-Jun-2013 08:50 pm 1940 Lithuania by Servant of Anubis (Mature)
Pairing: Russia/Lithuania
Length: 82,541
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Author's Summary: Subjugate. Verb.: to bring under complete control or subjection; conquer; master. To make submissive or subservient. What happened to Lithuania and Poland in 1940 and '41 .

It seems all my recs are not easy reads. Perhaps that is a good thing since the anime IS crack humor, yet people see the potential there for something dark (which I love).

Hands down, Russia is my favorite Hetalia character, and because of this I am very picky about how he is characterized in fanfics. He is absolutely nuts. Really. This fic did him justice because it touches on his insanity, his vulnerabilities, and his calculative brutality through the eyes of one of his victims: Lithuania. What, in my opinion, made this fic shine high above others was POLAND. It is a big thing when a writer manages to make a character you know little about (and what you know doesn't impress you much) make you pump your fist in the air at his triumphs and cry at his fall.

This fic is a whole lot of feels.

1940 Lithuania
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7th-Jun-2013 09:14 pm Gutters by Glassamilk (Mature)
Pairing: Multiple
Length: 98,149
Author on LJ:
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Author's Summary: 'The Calamity' has left the world stripped and dying. Alone in a civilian bunker in Munich, Sealand will be reunited with the last known living member of his surrogate family and together, they will set out across Europe to find those they have lost.

This story reminded me of the movie The Road, except rather than a father-son duo, you have the representations of Denmark and Sealand (Peter) trying to find their families and what's left of the world nations.

I've been reading fanfiction since the late 90's, so understand when I say that this story DESTROYED me. It is written so real, with such great care to the characters and their utter loss of their IDENTITIES due to this 'Calamity'...and their conviction to find what is left of those they love. It is so human, and tragic. These characters, even little Sealand (not even recognized as a country) feel real, and as readers I dare you not to bleed and mourn with them.

Also, when a writer manages to tear you apart over characters that you barely knew nor cared for (when I read this story i hadn't even SEEN Nordic Countries in the anime), then you know that you have read the words of greatness.

There is a short prequel called 'Ditches' that is found in the link above. Also worth the read.

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1st-Jun-2013 11:27 pm Anschluss by Vyscaria (Mature)
Pairing: one sided Germany/Austria (Ludwig/Roderich)
Length: 12,332
Author on LJ:
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Author's Summary: Roderich hears the German tanks rolling in, and knows that nothing will be the same again. Like a crescendo of inevitable events, the Second World War unfolds before him. The Third Reich collapses, and millions die in the holocaust. Austria has blood on his hands, and no one is left to save him. Slash Germany/Austria, heavy on history and music.

It amazes me how an anime with 5 minute long episodes that pokes fun at racial stereotypes and world history (mostly European) can produce such poignant and beautiful stories such as this.

This is the story of the country of Austria, his history is filled with war, conquest and defeat. But the MAN, Roderich, is a musician who loves his country. Watching the despair of this immortal being as he watches how World War 2 changes his country and people is hard to read. The prose is beautiful (read like music). There is great care and love for the characters. Even the portrayal of Ludwig (the country of Germany) is written with empathy. The emotion is raw and even though I have read it through three times, each and every single time I am left breathless.

I am not sure if this is the best choice to start out my month of recommending Hetalia fics, but for some reason I believe that even if you do not know the anime, or the characters really, you will still FEEL something for their experience.

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4th-Dec-2010 06:59 pm Artifact by ArchangelUnmei (G)
Pairing:  Gen Claudia, Artie, Alfred F. Jones
Length: 1066
Author on LJ: [ profile] archangelunmei 

Why this must be read:
Hetalia: Axis Powers is a Japanese? Manga/Anime/Movie where the main characters are anthropomorphic representations of countries. For more info click the link above.   :)

Frankly I'm surprised there aren't more cross overs between these two shows.  They practically beg to be mixed. Even Anthropomorphic Countries need somewhere to store their centuries of crap. People might get a bit suspicious otherwise.  Archangel does a terrific job of meshing these two shows together.  The characters stay true to their own shows while mixing together to create a totally new reality that is just perfect.
For a bit of reference here is a picture of America.

While doing inventory in the Warehouse, Claudia comes across a box that doesn't seem to be recorded anywhere. It looks less like an Artifact and more like the contents of someone's junk drawer.

Artifact by ArchangelUnmei (Archive of our Own)  (Livejournal)
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