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16th-Jan-2007 07:34 pm The Gemini Factor by Russ (rated PG-13)
I am a day late for the crossover reccing but, what? I can't rec something I have not finished reading yet, can I? I hope there is no problem since the rules for the (so-called) small fandoms appear to be milder somehow. And really I had very little time to get ready for the task; I wasn't expecting the call after a year. So...

Pairing: Bodie & Doyle, rather than Bodie/Doyle (though...)
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: The Professionals fanfiction

Why this must be read:

This is another story from Russ, yes, but it's so good I simply couldn't miss it. For this "Gemini Factor" is a real gem! It has got everything I wanted to offer in my current series of recs. It's a fabulous adventure story, with a clever, flawless plot, breathtaking action scenes, mystery, suspense and friendship in a realistic CI5 background. In a certain way, it is a "first meeting", "getting to know you" story. It is also about crossing destinies and a man searching the truth about his real identity. I am afraid it's not possible to say more without spoiling the reader's thrill; let just say that the mystery relates to a dark secret hidden in Bodie's past.

I can only add it's a first person narrative and wonderfully well written, with the utmost efficiency: there is not a single superfluous word and since the first sentences you will feel compelled to identify with the unfortunate story teller, lost in his pain and confusion.

The Gemini Factor
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