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18th-Sep-2009 12:35 am Adrenaline Rush by Dayna (PG13)

Time for some more slash.

Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Lt. James Curran from Navy SEALs
Pairing: James Curran/ Dale Hawkins
Length: not very long, 2772 words
Author on LJ: no idea
Author's website: Dayna's stories can be found on the Phoenix Michael Biehn Archive
Warning: spoilers for the movie Navy SEALs

Why this must be read:
A very deciding factor in the movie Navy SEALs is the immature behavior of Dale Hawkins, one of the men in Lt. James Curran's SEAL team. Especially when that behavior gets a member of the team and very close friend of Curran killed, This story is about what that means for the relationship of the two men and how they try to deal with what happened. What makes the story extra poignant, is that they were in a relationship with each other.

Ultimately this is a story about friendship, loss and love. It's told from Hawkin's POV, which enables us to get past that cocky exterior of his into what the guilt over his foolishness teaches him.

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Adrenaline rush

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4th-Sep-2009 07:17 pm What price for a SEAL? by Anne Tolar (NC-17)

Michael Biehn is well-known for playing Navy SEALs. He has done it three times, in The Abyss, in Navy SEALs and in The Rock. He's even been made an honorory SEAL for it and asked to be the narrator at the UDT/SEAL Museum in Florida, because his depiction of SEALs were so very accurate and well done. Michael Biehn has always been very proud of and touched by this recognition.

So of course, a story of one of his SEAL characters just had to be included here. I've gone for the movie Navy SEALs.

Length: posted in four parts, about 43.000 words
Author on LJ: no
Author Website: Anne Tolar's stories can be found on the Phoenix Michael Biehn Archive
Warning: this is a dark story and handles very sensitive matter and memories of rape.

Why this must be read:
Anne Tolar has a very unique way of writing. She uses primarily dialogue and emotions to tell her stories and it works. In this story she depicts the utter desolation of a man who can't get a grasp on why he feels the way he does and why he reacts so strongly to some of the hospital treatment, as he is recovering from his injuries - until his friends help him to remember what had happened to him. As she shows Curran's lost state and how he hurts without fully understanding why you can't help but hurt with him and hope for his recovery, while at the back of it all is that nagging question: 'what really happened in Beirut'? When those memories do come back, they are not for the faint of heart!

The title actually says it all: what is the price brave men must sometimes pay for the good they try to do?

What price for a SEAL?

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