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27th-Aug-2004 01:52 pm VID REC: Witchblade - Jig of Life
Vidder: Shalott
Musical artist: Kate Bush
Pairing: None
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] astolat
Vidder's website: Intimations
Why this vid kicks ass:

Hm, there are quite a few good Witchblade vids, but this is a new one and I think the song works particularly well for the show. I also like the visuals and the way the vidder plays with perspective. It's a Sara focused video, and nicely portrays her confusion and frustration with embracing her legacy. While it does lack on the 'Ian emphasis' I prefer, it's a beautiful overview of the first season (and a bit of the second), and Kenneth is depicted in all of his irritating complexity. I'm not entirely certain how well the video will work for those unfamiliar with the show, but it does give you a good feel for some of the interesting imagery that made 'Witchblade' stand out.

Jig of Life
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1st-Aug-2004 11:59 pm Truce by jazz9star (PG)
Hello, all. I go by 'Rob1' and I'll be your tour guide to 'Witchblade' fanfic this month. More about me... )

Pairing: None
Author on LJ: none known
Author Website: none known
Why this must be read:

I debated making this my first recommendation, as the story is set prior to the main canon and focuses on only two of the major characters. However, it is far and away my favorite story in the fandom, and if that's not enough reason to kick off with it, I don't know what is.

'Truce' explores the early childhood (around age 10) of Ian Nottingham, focusing on the odd relationship between Ian and Kenneth Irons- his guardian/mentor/master/bane. The mid-sized read is steeped in darkness, which is appropriate given the fact Ian was created to serve as an unflinching tool of his master's will. Irons, irritated with Ian's penchant for mischief, orders that the boy undergo a medical procedure that will grant him the memories of Ian's genetic predecessors (Ian is a clone- sort of). Unfortunately, the presence of 'other Ians' in the boy's consciousness results in difficulties for both Ian and Irons. Ian, now aware of what he lacks, is no longer complacent to be a soulless weapon and Irons is forced to deal with feelings he had long since buried.

What makes the story stand out are the characterizations and the subtlety with which they are revealed. Despite the darkness and disturbing subject matter (think 'Ender's Game'), there is a biting humor to the story. Jazz9star perfectly captures the voice of a pre-adolescent Ian- in all its capriciousness. The story is funny, it's sad, it's touching, and the reader is never certain how things will work out. It's a personal favorite and I believe it is accessible to those with no knowledge of canon. If you've ever been curious about Witchblade- or if you're just looking for a good read- this one is a sure bet.

Excerpt: )

There are several other stories by this author set in the 'Young Ian' universe: Father's Day (Ian wants his bunny back), Sunday (Ian wants a birthday), and Snow (Ian wants a Christmas tree). I would highly recommend them all.

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30th-Nov-2003 09:54 pm Turn the Page by Mala (PG-13)
Fandom: Witchblade
Pairing: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] malisita
Author Website: A Thousand Suns
Why this must be read: It's short, quite short, actually. Yet the story fits well in that brief frame. It's the only look at Gabriel in those final moments that I've ever been able to find, and it works. There are some nice one-shot lines that will linger with you for a while.

Turn the Page
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30th-Nov-2003 09:30 pm Saving Grace by Sare Liz (R)
Fandom: Witchblade
Pairing: Mainly het
Author on LJ: NA--name: Sare Liz
Author Website: Necessary to Life

Why this must be read: This is a truly interesting, fun twist using the "Choose Your Own Adventures" books as a format for the story. What happens when you pick A instead of B? Pick your own path to follow in the story and see where you and Sara end up. The author actually says it best in her summation: "...and as we all know from Witchblade, from our own lives, and from the Choose Your Own Adventure books, one decision can make a world of difference."

This story lives by this rule.

Saving Grace
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30th-Nov-2003 09:28 pm Light Inescapable by Sare Liz and Jenn (R)
Fandom: Witchblade
Pairing: Sara/Ian
Author on LJ: [ profile] seperis along with Sare Liz
Author Website: Indulgence and Necessary to Life
Why this must be read: A great look at Ian's role in Sara's lives. (No, not a typo.) A story that makes me feel wistful all over again for the sheer potential of these two and everything it almost was.

Light Inescapable
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23rd-Nov-2003 10:03 pm Desiderium by Jessica Roberts (PG-13)
Pairing: Ian/Sara UST
Author on LJ: none known
Author Website: Believe in the Witchblade
Why this must be read:

Jessica is one of my favorite authors in the fandom and her stories tend to closely follow canon characterizations and relationships. Desiderium is perhaps my favorite by her, and it's an excellent introductory story for those who are new to the fandom. The mid-sized read is basically a 'case file', and it has Sara traveling to Chicago to testify at the trial of a mobster. Nottingham, with Irons' blessing, follows along to ensure her safety. Away from his master's close scrutiny, and under the guise of providing the best protection possible, Ian takes the opportunity to invite Sara to stay with him. Somewhat to her surprise, Sara accepts- and learns more about the 'man in black' than she ever would have guessed.

Excerpt: )

Expect solid writing (if a tad heavy on the exposition at the start), plenty of sexual tension between Sara and Ian, lots of action, some nice humor, and an underlying theme concerning Ian's struggle with his loyalty to both Irons and the Wielder. It's good stuff, and if you like this story, be sure to check out the others on her site.

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16th-Nov-2003 03:39 pm Ashes by modulegirl (R)
Pairing: Ian/Irons
Author on LJ: none known
Author Website: FFN Profile

Why this must be read:

For me, the most interesting dynamic on the show was the twisted relationship between Sara, Ian and Irons. This short vignette provides an interesting perspective on that relationship, focusing on Ian and Irons. It is a well written scene, set entirely in Ian's bedroom. As Irons looks in on his sleeping servant, both his pride of ownership and his growing concerns with regard to Ian's loyalty are on display.

Excerpt: )

What I enjoy most about this story is the fact that it is all about power and control, yet it is more subtly told than some of the more coercive approaches to Ian/Irons slash (not that there's all that much of it- which is a damn shame). In addition, both the characterizations of Ian and Kenneth work for me. Kenneth's jealousy rings very true, as does his means of re-establishing his 'ownership' of Ian. And Ian... the guy is stuck in the middle and completely screwed, which is exactly how I like him!

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15th-Nov-2003 11:00 pm Witchblade/Highlander Crossover (R)
Fandom: Witchblade (Highlander crossover)
Title: Digitabulum Magae by MacGeorge
Pairings: Duncan/Methos, Ian/Irons, Sara/Ian...There's a few pairings, but I won't spoil the rest.
Author on LJ: NA
Author Website: MacGeorge's Madness

Why this must be read: This is a completely different take on the Witchblade. Digitabulum Magae is a story that takes its time to unfold, and it is a strong crossover. The author knows both these fandoms well and the pacing of the whole piece is wonderful.

Digitabulum Magae
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8th-Nov-2003 09:33 pm Transference by Viridian, PG-13
Title: Transference
Fandom: Witchblade
Pairing: Gabriel/Ian
Author on LJ: [ profile] viridian5
Author website: The Green Room version 2.0

Why this must be read: A shorter fic, and one of the only good Gabriel/Ian stories I've ever been able to find. These two have always held an enormous amount of...potential, and [ profile] viridian5 captures that quite well. Their interaction is vivid here, and it definitely fits these characters.
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5th-Nov-2003 02:05 am November Small Fandom II: Witchblade
It should be noted that "Witchblade" originally was a comic book series. It was made into a television movie, and then a show. I am mostly familiar with the show so the canon you read here comes from there, and the fiction you will see in this fandom generally works off of the television show rather than the comic books. It should all work out.

First, some music to help you get in the proper mood. Here is a great place to listen to a lot of the music from the episodes in Witchblade Season One. (Click at the bottom of the page on "Season One Music".) I'd highly recommend the song in Episode 1.04 "Sacrifice", called "Cathain." Conchobar sings this to Sara in the episode.

A brief overview of the fandom. Complete with pictures that won't kill you even if you are on dial-up. That's what the links are for. )

The Series Overview and Little Cheat Sheets )

Links to Fic Archives )
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