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15th-Aug-2008 06:54 pm The League Extraordinaire by DarkMark (G)
Title: The League Extraordinaire
Fandom: The Man From UNCLE, James Bond, the Avengers, Our Man Flint, The Girl from UNCLE, Get Smart, Mission: Impossible, Modesty Blaise, I Spy, Savage, The Prisoner, Sherlock Holmes, Fu Manchu and Matt Helm (yes, all of them, seriously! I'm not going to tag all the fandoms because they won't all fit.)
Pairing: Emma Peel/John Steed, but no more than what you see on the show
Length: epic
Author: DarkMark
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Dark Mark's Page
Why this must be read:

This is basically the crossover spy adventure of truly epic proportions. I'm a sucker for intertextual references, but this story is the icing on the cake. I didn't even realize that it was possible to write so many characters so well, but DarkMark catches each of their voices perfectly while plotting a complex adventure with an old school villain worthy of our heroes' time. If you like old school spy shows and an author who captures the zeitgeist of the 60's, you simply must read The League Extraordinaire.
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2nd-Dec-2007 02:10 am Songvid Oddities: Get Smart - Secret Agent Man
Welcome aboard for the magical fun ride that the mods and I have dubbed Songvid Oddities.

Earlier this year I was trawling through the back catalogue of the Van's songvid recs, the way you do, and suddenly realised that many awesome songvids couldn't easily be recced on the Van, because they don't fit the one-vid-per-rec-set rules. Fortunately, I quickly figured out a solution -- pimping songvids as their own fandom during small-fandom-December.

The Van's open-minded mods immediately agreed that this sad lack of, for instance, Get Smart songvids could not go on! So here I am, with a carefully winnowed songvid rec set for your delectation.

I know, I know, songvids aren't really a small fandom, no matter how you look at it. However, my agenda this December is to rec songvids that are a) entirely awesome, and b) either come from genuinely small fandoms, or are multi-fandom or some kind of mash-up, as neither of these types of vids can normally be recced. I've roughly divided the set into four sections: small fandom, remixes, constructed reality, and multi-fandom.

But enough from me. Let's get into the shiny goodness!

Vidder: P. Kosinski and Mary S. Van Deusen
Musical artist: Johnny Rivers
Pairing: Max/Various
Vidder on LJ: Unknown and [ profile] maidavids
Vidder's website: Unknown and My World in Images and Poetry
Why this vid kicks ass: My love for this songvid cannot be adequately textually rendered, but in the name of spreading the love, I will try. First, this is the perfect melding of song and source; after all Maxwell Smart is, was and always will be the epitome of secret agenthood. Second, this show was on the good drugs. Seriously, I'd forgotten how cracked it was, but this songvid has it all, from exploding ping pong balls to cheesy montages, multiple costume changes to fake graves, peel-off faces to umbrella-guns. *waves hands gleefully* If you are not excited by any of this, then I give up. For the rest of you, yeah, this songvid really is just as perfect as it sounds. Clicky clicky on the link immediately for your daily dose of pure joy.

Secret Agent Man

Note: Two versions are available for download; a really super-big version, and underneath it, a link to a smaller version.
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