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31st-Mar-2009 10:49 pm To Thieves as to Crows by gogollescent (G)
Once again with the last-minute recs.

Pairing: George/Alanna, Nawat/Aly (in a roundabout way - read it and look at the title)
Length: drabble
Author on LJ: [ profile] gogollescent
Author Website: ???
Why this must be read:

This is a drabble, but oh what a drabble it is - it's punchy and full of life and a wonderful look at a younger George looking at an Alanna who hasn't yet allowed herself to fall in love with him.

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31st-Mar-2009 10:39 pm Thorns in Her Flesh by Q-Sama (PG-13)
Pairing: Rosethorn/Crane, Rosethorn/Lark
Length: [ profile] 1sentence set (50 sentences).
Author on LJ: [ profile] q_sama
Author Website: [ profile] q_fics
Why this must be read:

Q does a wonderful thing here, bringing a grownup's consideration and life-experience to Rosethorn's life before the Circle, and her relationships with Lark, Crane, herself and her plants.

Rosie is lovely and prickly and Crane is lovely and full of himself and Lark is just ... lovely.

Circlefic is rare enough as it is, and Circle fic of this caliber is truly a gem among

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4th-Mar-2009 01:35 pm An Interlude with a Glassmaker (PG/K)
Pairing: Trisana Chandler/Kethlun Warder
Length: ≈1,100
Author on LJ: ???
Author Website: Profile
Why this must be read:

This fic is five years old and long since AU'd by Will of the Empress and Melting Stones new canon but it's still beautifully characterized and beautifully written. This is one of my few favorites from the early '00s to hold up against my own growth as a reader and a writer - which says something because most of us don't have consistently impeccable taste in our teens.

I've shipped Tris/Keth since I read Shatterglass, and this story is exactly the reason why.

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2nd-Mar-2009 06:10 pm The Tortallan Delegation's Visit to Hamrkeng, Scanra (G)
Pairing: Kel, Buri, Owen, Lord Wyldon
Length: ≈2,600
Author on LJ: [ profile] team_fen
Author Website: Author Tag
Why this must be read:

Because it's multi-media fic. About Scanra. This story takes a country we know practically nothing about in canon and makes it a real, living, breathing place.

She takes Our Heroes and places them in an outsider-POV, and she does it well - this fic is fairly new, and it quickly became one of my favorites ever in this fandom.

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1st-Mar-2009 11:07 am A Squire with Prospects (M-15/R)
Hello there children, I'm [ profile] boosette and I'll be your driver for Tamora Pierce fandom again this month!

Pairing: Alan(na)/Jon, Alanna/George, Alan(na) & Gary, Gary & Raoul
Length: ≈7,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ineptshieldmaid
Author Website: n/a
Why this must be read:

Oh, where to start!

This is one of those stories you didn't need know you needed to read until you've read it. It takes the gender issues and the queer issues and the "these books need more Gary" issues present in Song of the Lioness and addresses them in a truly lovely, thoughtful way.

The story's plot really is emotional rather than action, with the events of the SotL quartet threading through the background in a subtle, quiet way that makes you wonder how [ profile] ineptshieldmaid makes it look so easy, especially with how it grows outward into the time between Alanna's books and Daine's - that neglected part of Tortallan history all of us want to read about and yet that so few fics delve into successfully.

This story is so much more than merely "successful".

A Squire with Prospects (lj, light format)
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29th-Dec-2007 03:28 pm VID REC: Tamora Pierce - n/a
Vidder: Hsiu
Musical artist: n/a
Pairing: several
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] thermopylae_h
Vidder's website: Isn't It Jolly

Why this vid kicks ass: Tamora Pierce fandom is book-based, which means we don't get music videos. This is a shame, but we have hilariously funny comics that it would be a crime not to share instead.

[ profile] thermolylae_h has a sense of humor that just ... it's amazing, and irreverant, and perfectly suited to goodhearted mockery of Pierce's books, situations and characters.

My favorites are her "Tortallans do it better" and [ profile] caitiedidit's guest-comic, "Domitan to the rescue!"
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22nd-Dec-2007 12:02 pm Belonging by Rosie Eisor (T/PG13)
Pairing: Thayet of Conte/Gareth the Younger of Naxen, Gareth the Younger of Naxen/Cythera of Naxen, Cythera of Naxen/Raoul of Goldenlake, Sacherell of Wellam/Douglass of Veldine and a couple others I'm having some trouble tracking down right now.
Author on LJ: [ profile] seori
Author Website:
Why this must be read: Tortall has this ... overarching feeling to it, that nothing really bad can happen to the characters because Pierce loves her characters too much. What she does show us in Protector of the Small, however, is that there are a bunch of quirky Tortallan laws that have the potential to cause a lot of trouble.

Rosie kills Jon while Roald is only four years old, takes a hypothetical law and makes it cause a lot of trouble for everyone, and leaves everyone pretty miserable. Everyone is left in mourning with a great big problem of not having anyone who can legally run the country and a king who is only four years old.

And everyone just kindof crumbles. You ache for her Gary/Cythera

It's great.


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22nd-Dec-2007 11:46 am Frozen Statue by Elspeth Elf (R)
Pairing: Lady Yolane of Dunlath/Tristan Staghorn
Author on LJ: [ profile] elsepethelf
Author Website: n/a
Why this must be read: Disclaimer: I dared her to write it.

Set about a year after the events of Wolf Speaker, this story is all kinds of squicky and it makes me feel all kinds of wrong for loving it. But I do. The framing provides distance from the events of the story in a way that makes it feel half like a Big Fish Story: it can't be true, can it? But the events are shown as well, and it is true. Yolane in her descent into madeness is a thing of beauty.

Also, Elspeth pulls of dialect. Which is rare and awesome.

No snippet because it really has to be taken as a whole.
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22nd-Dec-2007 11:25 am Welcome to the Knight Club by Quatre Sama (PG13)
Right, so, finals happened, and then coming home for break happened and left me stranded without internet and a list of reccs on my other computer. But I can piece together a list from memory, so no worries there.

Pairing: gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] q_sama
Author Website:
Why this must be read: Because the concept is brilliantly executed, the characterization is awesomely real and it's short and concise and dense

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3rd-Dec-2007 05:47 pm Viper in the Lady's Garden by Lea Hazel (PG13/T)
Pairing: gen, Ikrum
Author on LJ: [ profile] lea_hazel
Author Website:

Why this must be read: Because Lea takes the leader of the Viper Gang and shows us how he is what Briar might have been and makes him into a character worthy of both our sadness and our sympathy. She latches on to that part of what makes Street Magic work so well, the road that might have been taken, and expounds upon it in a truly lovely way.

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[link to fic - adblock]
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3rd-Dec-2007 12:39 am Here's Looking at You, Kid by Kitty Ryan, T/PG13
Hi there, guys! I'm Candice, and I'll be your driver in Tamora Pierce's Tortall and Emelan this December. I drove for CSI Vegas a couple years ago and had a grand time, so when small fandoms month rolled around, I couldn't resist the pull.

I like weird pairings and minor characters, so you'll be seeing a bunch of that this month, especially since in this fandom at least, the weird stuff tends to be a little higher in quality than the standard vanilla fare.

And without further adieu, the month's first fic ...

Pairing: Arram Draper (Numair)/Arram Simulacrum
Author on LJ: [ profile] kitty_ryan
Author Website:

Why this must be read: Right, so, Kitty has a gift for voice and imagery and succinctness that's just lovely and perfect, particularly with the Immortals crew, and this is no exception.

Kitty paints us an image of Numair before he was Numair, powerful while he's in the midst of finding his competence and himself at the same time, with friends who aren't really his friends, not in the stick-by-you-forever sense, but who are all right for the time being.

And you know what happens in the books and what Tristan and Ozorne do to him and it just makes reading this story hurt underneath the surface.

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[link to fic]
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2nd-Dec-2007 10:26 pm It's About Girls Kicking Butt: A Tamora Pierce Fandom Overview
Five thousand words and more time than I thought this would take later, and the overview is done.

(Unbeta'd, though, so I'll be editing it for a while yet.)

The whole huge thing that is the overview is below the cut.

Also, huge mega mondo spoilers for absolutely every word Tamora Pierce has ever set to paper.

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