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15th-Sep-2006 09:19 pm Hard Core Logo/eXistenZ (NC-17)
Title: Your Guide to a Safe eXistenZ by Dayse
Pairing: Joe Dick/Billy Tallent
Author on LJ: [ profile] dayse
Author Website: Northwest Passage

Why this must be read:
A trippy story that suits the eXistenZ universe, this crossover has fabulous Billy voice and believable assholeness from the Dick, plus the length is an additional pleasure. As befitting eXistenZ story, Dayse toys artfully with the nature of reality and existence, and for the Hard Core Logo fans, there's some closure for Billy. There's also a hard, cold bite to the ending, and you won't forget it, even if you are unfamiliar with either or both films--this story stands on its own.

Your Guide to a Safe eXistenZ
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