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11th-Dec-2007 11:33 am Songvid Oddities: Gilda - Rock Steady
Vidder: aycheb
Musical artist: All Saints
Pairing: Gilda/Johnny/Ballin
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] aycheb
Vidder's website: vid tag
Why this vid kicks ass: I love black and white movies. Really, there's something about the texture of the light and also, perhaps, the way that melodrama was allowed in the plots without anyone being embarrassed about it. Love! And then I found this songvid by [ profile] aycheb, which takes its source from the gorgeously black and white Gilda. The result? Several of my favourite things, all wrapped up in one finger-snapping package: a noir love triangle, in which Rita Hayworth is fought over by two gangsters. Love! Not to mention singing, dancing, amazing spangly costumes, flippy hair, sharp suits and swords hidden in canes. So much love! I think I spontaneously melted after watching this. GUH, people! Rita Hayworth is so hot, which is hardly news, but I had managed to never seen one of her films before, so it was a wonderful surprise for me.

Even if old movies aren't your thing, this songvid is a total delight.

Rock Steady
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