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5th-Oct-2011 01:13 pm Shadow by ennyousai (PG)
Pairing: None
Length: Three parts, but can be read in one sitting
Author on LJ: [ profile] ennyousai
Author Website: [ profile] ennyousai_fic

Why this must be read: Fics that attempt to bring parts of the Whedonverse together--especially Firefly and Buffy--are far from uncommon.  But I'm pretty sure you haven't seen too many mergers of the Firefly 'verse with that of Dollhouse--especially one that slots familiar crew members into just the right roles and gives Mal and company a whole new level of aimin' to misbehave.  The merged voices are spot-on, and while "Shadow" is an AU within the Firefly 'verse, it's entirely believable that the Dollhouse  tech could have been developed there.

"Inara," says Gheydra with a sigh, "your thoughts on this don't matter. The Company wants its actives completely blank when they're not engaged. For whatever reason, Shadow resists a complete wipe." )

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15th-Jun-2011 03:39 am Backup Copies by [ profile] etothepii (R) Sherlock/Dollhouse crossover
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 13,400
Author on LJ: [ profile] etothepii
Author Website: Master List on LJ
Why this must be read:

The world created in Dollhouse was one of absolute grays, where black and white might well have been purple. What better world to throw Sherlock into and see what happens? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not pretty. What does happen is that John comes back to Sherlock, always, and whether that’s to do with the universe being a big ol’ Romantic, or it’s quite simply Mycroft and his sometimes godlike powers, that’s up to you to decide once you've read this.

Sometimes terrifying, sometimes heartbreaking, often heartwarming, this fic will rock your boat and make you want to - possibly - run out and clone your loved ones.

Check out the Dollhouse primer at the start if you’re rusty on that ‘verse, but this is a Sherlock-centric fic.

A selection from Backup Copies )

Backup Copies
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31st-Aug-2010 02:00 am Sensory [re:]Generation by demonqueen666 (PG-13)
Pairing: Topher/Dominic, Dominic/DeWitt, Topher/DeWitt, Topher/Dominic/DeWitt
Length: around 1200K
Author on LJ:[ profile] demonqueen666 
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read:

Sensory [re:]Generation is one of a small number of completely alternate universe stories I've come across in the fandom, and one of the few that features such incredible world building, taking place in a world that feels both familiar and fresh, an homage to everything amazing found in The Fifth Element, Blade Runner, The Matrix and Dollhouse. With the addition of vampires.

No, really. Sensory is a crafted AU cyberpunk dystopian with alluring rock gods and vampires that remains true to the characters. This story is everything awesome done right.

Sensory [re:]Generation
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29th-Aug-2010 12:10 am I'm Not Your Friend (Not Quite Your Enemy) by toestastegood (PG-13)
Pairing: Alpha/Victor
Author on LJ: [ profile] toestastegood
Author Website: [ profile] fic_flail
Why this must be read:

Alpha and Victor are an unlikely parring, but in this pre-Epitaph 2 story, it works so well. Alpha creates a twisted mentor/student relationship with Victor that reveals so much about who they were as actives and who they are now. The characterization and dialog are fantastic, as is the answer to the question of where Victor's received his tech implants.

I'm Not Your Friend (Not Quite Your Enemy)
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25th-Aug-2010 11:52 pm Chemicals in the Brain by iambickilometer (PG-13)

Pairing: Topher/Boyd
Length: 1400k
Author on LJ: [ profile] iambickilometer 
Author Website:[ profile] iambickilometer  (writing journal)
Why this must be read:

For whatever reason, there is very little male slash in the fandom, and even less Topher/Boyd, despite what I would consider the ease one can read subtext in their relationship. What I particularly love about Chemicals in the Brain is Boyd's response to the ease in which Topher programs sexually in the dolls, and Topher's own personal responce. It rings true to their season one characters, and hints at some of the troubling questions that Dollhouse brings up about the self while still ending on a lighter note.

Chemicals in the Brain
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24th-Aug-2010 11:46 pm Waiting for Our Lives to Start Their Ending by kay_obsessive (PG-13)
Pairing: Topher/Claire
Length: 5500 k
Author on LJ:[ profile] kay_obsessive 
Author Website: [ profile] museandblabber (writing journal)
Why this must be read:

One of the least explored time periods is the time right after The Hollow Men and before Epitaph One, when the world truly begins to crumble. What I love about Waiting is the attention to small cannon details in the story, how the progression to the end of the world creeps up and the slow unraveling of Topher (and in a way, Claire's) sanity. The push-pull dynamic between Claire and Topher here that is equal parts fascinating and tragic, and knowing how it ends for them both makes the end of the story the more gut wrenching.

Waiting for Our Lives to Start Their Ending
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21st-Aug-2010 11:58 pm All The Ways A Mouth Can Smile by lily_lovely (R)
Pairing: Claire/Topher, Claire/Boyd, Adelle
Length: About 2K
Author on LJ:[ profile] lily_lovely 
Author Website: NA (fic masterlist here)
Why this must be read:

The simmering tension between Claire, Topher and Boyd was one of my favorite points in the first season and this story delivers superbly. This story was written early in the fandom and jossed shortly after, but I find it a excellent example of the dark, shadowy characterization seen in season one. 

All The Ways A Mouth Can Smile
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19th-Aug-2010 03:47 pm Kings Of The Wild Frontier by ladyofspring (R)
Pairing:Whiskey, Ivy, Dewitt/Dominic
Length: around 8K
Author on LJ:[ profile] ladyofspring 
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read:

Another well written and well paced set during the Epitaph time period, Kings features  Dominic on a journey to seek out Adelle years after their confortation in Epitaph One.  Dominic is on point here, but for me, the strength of the story is in the characterization of the supporting cast. Whiskey and Ivy seem unlikely companions, but their dynamic with Dominic is incredibly poignant.

What I particularly love is the powerful sense of yearning and the slenderest thread of hope; this story lingered with me for months after I read it.

Kings Of The Wild Frontier
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15th-Aug-2010 11:22 pm Shadows by stop_theworld (NC-17)
Pairing: Adelle DeWitt/Lord Asriel
Length: 1200K
Author on LJ: [ profile] stop_theworld 
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read:

It's rare enough to see His Dark Materials fic, let alone a crossover, and Shadows captures perfectly a Lord Asriel's who effortless slips into the Dollhouse verse for a brief moment. This little gem was written for the Porn Battle, but there is a lyricism here and a lovely characterization of both Asriel and Adelle along with the sexy.

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12th-Aug-2010 01:03 pm To Grow Weary Of The Sun by naladot (PG-13)
Pairing: DeWitt/Dominic
Length: 2700K
Author on LJ:[ profile] naladot 
Author Website: N/A
Why this must be read:

The period encompassing Epitaph 1 and 2 is vague at best and many in the fandom have tackled this period of time. Naladot wrote what I would consider one of the most unflinching, melancholy take on the Epitaph period, painting Safe Haven as anything but, as much as a useful lie as the Dollhouse itself was. The details of this life are refreshingly creative, as is the supporting cast.

This is an DeWitt/Dominic piece, but what I adore is that this is melancholy Adelle DeWitt at it's core, heavy and raw. I feel no shame in saying I cried a little at the end.

To Grow Weary of The Sun
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10th-Aug-2010 11:30 pm Band-aid on a Bullet Wound by irony_rocks (PG-13)
Pairing: DeWitt/Dominic
Length:About 2800K
Author on LJ: [ profile] irony_rocks 
Author Website: [ profile] irony_fics   (Writing journal)
Why this must be read:

Besides the fact that Band-aid on a Bullet Wound converted me to the DeWitt/Dominic paring, am a sucker for cannon AU's. Dominic running with off with Victor's body during 'Brier Rose' is genius, as is the outcome of his escape. The whole story is  tightly written  that becomes an excellent alternate ending to season one.

The other reason is again, the deft use of second person, here creating a stark narrative that matches the bleak tone of the show perfectly.

Band-aid on a Bullet Wound
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9th-Aug-2010 11:34 pm time, like sand, in the palm of your hand by softly_me (PG13)

Pairing: Bennett/Caroline
Length: 784
Author on LJ:[ profile] softly_me 
Author Website: [ profile] law_like_love (Writing Journal)
Why this must be read:

Bennett/Caroline is almost cannon in the way DeWitt/Dominic is almost cannon: rife with subtext and never a clear answer as to what went on in behind the scenes.  'time, like sand' explores the heavy subtext of  the few B/C flashbacks in the show. Here, pre-series Caroline has softer intentions then is suggested in the show, made more bittersweet as we know exactly how it ends between them.

What I also love about this story is the use of second person, which isn't for everyone, but works well here to take us inside Caroline's head and her often hard to pin down motivation.

time, like sand, in the palm of your hand
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4th-Aug-2010 01:41 pm Alive, Child of Awake by bobthemole (PG)
Pairing: Echo-centric
Length: about 3K
Author on LJ: [ profile] bobthemole 
Author Website: [ profile] bob_tales  (Writing journal)
Why this must be read:

I am one of those fans who considers Echo to be one of least compelling characters on Dollhouse; in my eyes, her arc falls flat in comparison to any number of more dynamic, enigmatic characters.

So when I say that Alive, Child of Awake made me believe just how compelling Echo could be, I do not say this lightly.  Awake, pulls off delving into Echo's mind through a tight narrative connection from Caroline to Echo to Epitaph 2 Echo with a deft hand and an eye for cannon.

Also, the dream sequence in this story is one of the finest I have read.

Alive, Child of Awake
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3rd-Aug-2010 01:36 am Whatever Remains, However Improbable by otahyoni (PG-13)
Hi all! I'm [ profile] duh_i_read  and I'll be driving the sleek black Dollhouse van this month. Like a curious mixtape, I'll be offering an eclectic variety of stories from my fandom, hopefully something for old fans and new ones alike.

Pairing: Victor/Sierra, Ivy, Topher
Length: 6K
Author on LJ:[ profile] otahyoni 
Author Website: [ profile] yonwords  is [ profile] otahyoni 's writing journal.

Why this must be read:

Dollhouse meets Sherlock Homes as Victor and Sierra are sent on an engagement as Watson and Homes, respectively. An brilliant fusion,the Victor/Sierra paring is very bittersweet here with excellent Ivy and Topher character voices. The story could have been cut right out of cannon.

Truthfully, what isn't made more awesome by mixing in a little Sherlock Homes?

Whatever Remains, However Improbable
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