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15th-Apr-2008 11:13 pm Death Note/Mirage of Blaze (NC-17)
Title: The Possibility by [ profile] labingi
Pairing: Light/L, Naoe/Takaya, L/Chiaki
Author on LJ: [ profile] labingi
Author Website: N/A
Why this must be read: "The Possibility" is a fabulous crossover which uses the Mirage of Blaze mythology and characters to play with some very interesting themes and ideas in the Death Note 'verse. L is the focus of the story, and [ profile] labingi gives him a very innovative and intriguing backstory which is revealed slowly through some of the Mirage of Blaze characters - Chiaki in particular - and though I don't want to give away what that is, I will say it leads him to having more in common with Light than he would have thought. Additionally, this incarnation of Light is a beautifully human, even sympathetic one, who nonetheless is completely unrelenting in his devotion to his dream; [ profile] labingi writes him so we can see both why L is drawn to him and why he must be stopped.

My favorite element of this story is the convincing nature of the Light/L, often an incredibly difficult pairing to pull off, but it's also absolutely worth reading for the wonderful plot, the depth of the (highly in-character!) characters, and what it says about the human experience.

The Possibility (link is to the last part, which has links to all earlier ones)
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