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15th-Jan-2008 11:27 pm Pirates of the Caribbean/Brotherhood of the Wolf (PG-13)
Title: Bayou by Guede Mazaka
Pairing: Grégoire de Fronsac/James Norrington, James Norrington/Jack Sparrow, Grégoire de Fronsac/Jean-François de Morangias
Author on LJ: [ profile] guede_mazaka
Author Website: Tangible Schizophrenia

Why this must be read: Another day, another supernatural occurrence. Two pretty men from two pretty movies meet as New Orleans changes hands from the French to the Spanish crown, and a beast and a plague stalk the night. Moody and evocative, this piece reflects shards of both films as Norrington and Fronsac meet under desperate circumstances, watching ghosts of each other's past flit through a grotesque crowd of pestilence, pirates, armies, mercenaries, and perhaps something inhuman. Lovely slashy glimpses of what might have been in each film, and what could have been had the tide of events allowed them to meet for more than a briefly shared purpose.

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