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17th-Feb-2010 12:07 am A Night On The Town by esmerelda_t (gen)
After all the angst I've been posting, this rec series needs a little bit of crack.

Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy
Length:  544 words
Author on LJ:[ profile] esmerelda_t
Author website: at her LJ
Universe: TVverse characterisation
Why this must be read:

For some time now [ profile] esmerelda_t has been peddling this barmy little universe featuring Horatio Hornblower and Archie Kennedy after the Napoleonic wars as a doddering old aristocratic couple, living with Archie's spoilt puppy Bartholemew and visited periodically by William Bush. I speak here as a committed UST serious business angst fangirl: If you can't stand dangerous levels of whimsy, comedy pooches, harrumphing, jolly housekeepers, camp characterisations, sexually active old men, and a world in which our angsty fandom's angstiest couple are living openly, soppily and happily ever after, this is still the fic for you because there is basically no resisting it.

Though it's an ongoing series, the stories can also be read and grasped individually, so I'm excusing this from the no-WIP rule.

A Night On The Town

"He stole my cat, you know!” Archie’s lower lip wavers at the last statement, “but he’s dead now! Poor Marmalade!” With that Archie bursts into tears while Hornblower rolls his eyes. Marmalade has received more drunken eulogies than Nelson over the years.
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15th-Feb-2010 03:50 pm Untitled by romanticalgirl (PG)
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Length:  348 words
Author on LJ:[ profile] romanticalgirl 
Author website: at her LJ
Universe: bookverse

Why this must be read:

There's a darling moment in the book Lieutenant Hornblower when Hornblower brings the injured Bush a basket of fruit. The whole episode has a latent flirtation to it that is much celebrated but hard to pin down, but this writer simply grabs it and runs it deep into the dark, sensuous woods of angst and eroticism. This is a short, subtle, intensely erotic piece with a cinematic feel that is brimming so fully of UST it doesn't even need a) any mention of sex and b) the reader to be a Hornblower fan. I've recced this at my LJ before, but it needs far more attention than it ever got.

Untitled fic

He senses Hornblower’s presence, his silence giving him away in the way that breathing and shifting would in other men.
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11th-Feb-2010 10:31 pm Bush, Meditative, by atropos_too (PG-13)
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Length: 480 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] atropos_too 
Author Website: at her LJ
Why this must be read:

The Horatio Hornblower Deck Shower is an institution in this fandom. It's the carrot that no new fangirl can believe until she reads it; it's the gaudy centrepiece of the joyful pornasbord that is our canon. Countless fics have been written about it, and they're delightful, but none has offered as mature an insight as this fic by [ profile] atropos_too . This writer handles a somewhat risky device well - attributing complex insight to Bush - and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that in the space of a few short paragraphs it encapsulates the essence of Bush/Hornblower, and why they compel and wrench our fangirl hearts. In 486 words.

Bush, Meditative

With each passing year the public baptism troubled him more. Not the eccentricity of it, nor the exposure. Nor jealousy. Jealousy he had learnt to live with.
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6th-Feb-2010 01:59 pm Grey to Black by anteros_lmc (PG-13, adult concepts)
Hello all!

I'm [ profile] thehappyreturn and I'm absurdly excited to be driving the [ profile] crack_van for the Horatio Hornblower fandom this month. A new overview for this fandom is also on its way - which will bring us up to date, has pretty pictures, and covers both the book and the TV canon - I'll link us to it in the next post.

Anyway, I'm late enough as it is! So, on with those pretty sailor boys whose only real girlfriends are square-rigged and made entirely of wood!

Pairing: Archie Kennedy/Horatio Hornblower (implied); Archie Kennedy/Jack Simpson
Length: 2640 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] anteros_lmc
Author website: Just at her LJ, which is fandom-specific.
Warnings: Non-explicit reference to non-con in the past.
Why this must be read:

I have to start with this, as aside from being a stunning piece of writing, it incidentally works as a brilliant introduction to one of our key characters from the TV series, the young midshipman Archie Kennedy.

This little history has been written backwards, upside-down and inside out in this fandom, and yet it's like you're reading it for the first time. This is achieved through pure storytelling ability, brilliant handling of flashbacks, an innate eye for authentic and fresh detail, and a writer who understands Kennedy through and through. If that weren't enough, the story's final payoff adds an exquisitely painful twist.

Oh. and. This was her first ever fic, ever. Read it and, literally, weep.

Grey to Black

In true Kennedy fashion, Archie's moment of joy and brief bright dream of glory was evaporating with the mist that hung in damp banks over the Gironde estuary. He was alone again.
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3rd-Dec-2009 05:28 pm Time To Go by Kristen_Mara (PG-13)
Pairing: Nick/Stephen, Horatio/Archie
Length: Four-parter (11,497 words all-in)
Author on LJ: [ profile] kristen_mara
Author Website: None – check LJ masterlist for stories
Why this must be read:
Time to Go is a poignant, angsty and, at times, witty, crossover with Primeval, Hornblower and Dr Who (the eighth doctor, plus Jack Harkness in tow!) It's also a fixit for the end of Primeval 2.6. And it doesn't matter if you're not familiar with all the shows – there's enough information given to clue you in.

Time To Go part 1
Time To Go part 2
Time To Go part 3
Time To Go part 4
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16th-Oct-2008 12:25 am Pride and Prejudice/Horatio Hornblower (PG)
Title: Lost in the Deep by Gaby A.
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/Georgiana Darcy
Length: 92,000 words
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: The Derbyshire Writers' Guild

Why this must be read:

Yes, indeed, I do actually have a Jane Austen crossover rec this month! Austen crossovers are rare, but not unheard of. And this one is particularly good.

The story opens with Darcy and Elizabeth married for several years, with their fourth child on the way. Georgiana is at the age where she must seriously consider marriage. Being young, beautiful, and rich, her possible choices are legion. Darcy happens to take her to visit a ship of his that has come in early, and there she meets a very interesting sailor. Darcy reacts badly, and well, things progress naturally from there.

There is more to this story than just the thwarted infatuations of two young people. There are a daring sea rescue, a scheming prince, a plotting ambassador, kind friends, humor, delightful original characters, and a genuinely good story. The Austen characters are mostly in character, though Elizabeth seemed a little too complacent at times. I cannot vouch for the characterization of Horatio Hornblower, so obviously one does not have to have read the books nor seen the mini-series to understand this story. I especially enjoyed the Darcy family scenes. Their family life is not painted as perfect, but Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam are shown to be good parents to their children, which one would expect.

All in all, this is an excellent tale, one that I highly recommend.

* * *

Excerpt )

Lost in the Deep
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15th-Sep-2008 07:20 pm Horatio Hornblower/Harry Potter (PG)
Title: The Seafaring Dream
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Author on LJ: [ profile] quigonejinn
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

[ profile] quigonejinn has been a purveyor of the finest quality crack in many fandoms for many years, but I have a particularly strong affection for this crossover. In five words or less, it's Bush and Hornblower at Hogwarts; that description hardly does justice, however, to the intricacy and skill with which Lieutenant Hornblower is reimagined against the considerably more sinister backdrop of Hogwarts circa 1945. [ profile] quigonejinn's instinct for detail is, as always, impeccable, and her style polished, but the twist which really puts it into a league of its own is one which, in retrospect, seems stunningly obvious -- and therein lies the true brilliance of this story.

The freedom of a ship's captain is the widest freedom on Earth, though in these dreams, sometimes he is a midshipman, and sometimes he is a lieutenant. There are a few dreams where he is a captain and has the deck to himself and paces up and down the side, looking at a tropical island that lies to their port side. [...]

The Gryffindor statuette next to Bush's bed has to be bribed with a bit of bacon. Bush himself is usually still asleep depsite the racket of his sisters and mother making a horrid fuss, through the the bedside photograph, to wake.

The Seafaring Dream
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11th-Sep-2008 09:31 pm Hold Sway by randomalia (NC-17)
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Pairing: Bush/Côtard
Length: ~2500 words
Author Website: LJ memories
Why this must be read:

One of the best aspects of a dual canon -- movies and books which overlap in some regards and diverge in others -- is the way it allows a writer to pick and choose elements from both 'verses to suit her purposes. Major Côtard is emblematic of this sort of symbiotic strength: an incidental player in the books, the movieverse fleshes him out into a compelling character well worthy of further exploration.

HH is a fandom packed with talented writers, but [ profile] randomalia is among the very best, and "Hold Sway" a superb example of the taut, yet lyrical style which she uses to such great effect. Again, the Bush we see here is the older, dispossessed Bush of Sheerness (some spoilers for both Flying Colours and Loyalty are present), and the older Côtard [ profile] randomalia extrapolates is entirely at home in the later period of the novels -- but perhaps the deftest touch of all is in the construction of a Hornblower who, though absent, pervades the story and seems to occupy all of the spaces between Bush and Côtard.

Hold Sway
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9th-Sep-2008 07:01 pm Reflection by Laura Smith (PG)
Pairing: William Bush (gen)
Length: ~1500 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] romanticalgirl
Author Website: A Multitude of Voices
Why this must be read:

Most of the fic in Hornblower fandom draws at least partially on the A&E movie series, but some of the best pieces out there are those inspired rather by CS Forester's original books. I particularly love stories dealing with the careers of Hornblower and Bush after the period covered by the movies, and in this piece [ profile] romanticalgirl paints a sharp, complex portrait of Bush's life as Resident Commissioner of the Sheerness dockyard during the interlude between Flying Colours and The Commodore. (Significant spoilers for Flying Colours are present.)

He knows each scar like a wife, when and where and why, can catalogue his battles by the silvery lines in his skin. He can trace his commanders on his skin, the reckless and the wise, and those deep cuts now healed tell him more about haste and carelessness and unpreparedness.

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4th-Sep-2008 02:26 pm Of Theft by quietcontrary (R)
Hello! I'm [ profile] subduction and I'm delighted to be reccing Horatio Hornblower as one of September's Monthly Featured Small Fandoms.

Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Length: ~500 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] quietcontrary
Author Website: LJ memories
Why this must be read:

When I searched for this fic in the [ profile] crack_van memories, I was surprised to find it hadn't been recced previously, as it's one of my all-time, hands-down favourites in the fandom. [ profile] quietcontrary packs a stunning amount of tension and heat into a tight, carefully-crafted few hundred words, and the combination of language and style make this one of the most immersive stories I've read in any fandom.

Bush's mouth is open and filled with the dark heat of the night.

Of Theft
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30th-Apr-2007 09:50 am Braindamage by DasTier (R)
Hey, thanks for letting me drive the Hornblower van this month.  It was a great ride and I hope I took you down some scenic roads!!! 

Pairing: AU: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush; Horatio Hornblower/Napoleon
Author on LJ:  [profile] dastier
Author's Website: Rammstein Fan Fiction
Why this MUST be read: I, being one of the queens of crack in the Hornblower fandom, cannot pass up a chance at reading a well-written AU story.  I can't.  Frankly, I can't seem to pass up reading any of [profile] dastier's stories, even though she does not usually write (or like) AU's.  *G*  But this one is EXCEPTIONAL.   This one is a cyberpunk AU using the characters in the Horatio Hornblower novels and movies, and even some historical figures.  This is like... Blade Runner meets Hornblower, or something like tnat and I'm avoiding using references to The Matrix, but you get the idea.  Not to mention, the very idea of William Bush in aviator goggles and a leather jacket makes both myself and [profile] dastier melt like so much arced-out plastic wire sheathing.  If you like Hornblower, you will love this.  If you love cyberpunk you will really love this.

"I’m Bush," says the stranger and thus ceases to be strange, as is expected to happen after introductions; only it doesn’t work so well with HNelsonH this time.

He forces his vision to focus on the new man: shorter than himself, the regular trench coat replaced by a more practical leather jacket, aviator goggles pushed up to the forehead to reveal exceptionally blue eyes.

"Which one, senior or junior?"

"Neither." Bush laughs good-naturedly at the common joke of the Islanders about the U.S.’ perpetual president duo.

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13th-Apr-2007 11:26 am Untitled (After Dinner) by Billytaylor (R)
Pairing:  Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Author on LJ:  [profile] billytaylor
Why this must be read:   Billy's writing is tight... tight and lovely and full of such heart-bursting sentiment. Not to mention, it's rather *cough* hot, thanks.  This untitled piece has one of the very best lines I've ever read in Hornblower fandom:

“Why can’t I marry you?” Hornblower whispered more to himself than anyone.

I absolutely love the way Billy's mind works.  This takes place in bookverse in and around "Hornblower and the Hotspur."  It's a fantastic voyage into the relationship between Hornblower and Bush, and in all actuality, the very end of this story shows just how and why Bush had no problem whatsoever with Hornblower being promoted captain over Bush's head.  No problem at all.   Enjoy this.  I did immensely.

Untitled (After Dinner), by Billytaylor
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9th-Apr-2007 01:54 pm Pellew's Pet by tinuvielberen (NC-17)
Pairing:  Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Author on LJ[profile] tinuvielberen
Why this must be read:  Other than the fact that I'm a little biased because I betaed this fic... *G*  [profile] tinuvielberen is relatively new to the fandom -- having cheated repeatedly now upon her first love, the Eighth Doctor (Doctor Who), and she has been writing incredible stuff for ages, including more than one novel-length adventure.  This is one of her first forays into Hornblower NC-17 fic and it's wonderful.  This woman read through all of the Hornblower books like Nelson at the Nile and started writing bookverse immediately thereafter with much aplomb.  This story is chock full of great, spot-on characterizations, fantastic one-liners, and OMG hot stuff, not to mention it's oh so cute watching Bush squirm as his attempts at mentally out-doing Hornblower fail miserably.  I love her brain.  Enjoy it!

“Easy,” said Bush, maintaining his gentle pressure. “You’re under my lee.”

Pellew's Pet
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4th-Apr-2007 09:24 pm Hornblower And The Monkey or Horatio's Maturin Moment by Ruth W (G)
And here's the winner of the Hornblower Appreciation Week Contest!

Pairing: None.  Horatio Hornblower, William Bush
Author on LJ: [profile] pronetopanic
Author's Website:  found on
Why this must be read:   This is the winner of the 2007 Hornblower Appreciation Week contest for fiction, that's why!  It's cute and silly, and even a little bit heartbreaking, with very good characterization, including the monkey, and a great tip of the hat to our sister fandom, Master and Commander (Aubrey/Maturin)! 

“Ha-hmm…!” he said self-consciously, “Mr. Bush, please thank the men for their efforts, and inform them that they will be rewarded.  As for the monkey, I’ve never seen his type before, and I regard him as sufficiently unusual to be of some scientific interest.  I am hoping to persuade Mr. Matthews to bring him to a friend of mine in London to be assessed.  With that in mind, I must give some priority to his welfare.  It would not do for a biological specimen to die in transit."

Hornblower and the Monkey, or Horatio's Maturin Moment
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3rd-Apr-2007 08:25 am Shades of Glory by idler_1814 (PG)
Pairing:  William Bush/Temeraire (ship)
Author on LJ[personal profile] idler_1814
Author's website[personal profile] idler_1814's LJ
Why this must be read:  In this piece, [personal profile] idler_1814 captures the very heart of William Bush.  While it is true that many of Bush's escapades with Hornblower served to round out his character, what truly motivates Bush and lies at his core is his experience at the Battle of Trafalgar, under Captain Eliab Harvey, aboard Temeraire.  It has been speculated, given the timing of history, that during Bush's tenure as Sheerness dockmaster, Temeraire would have been brought in to Sheerness to await her fate, and that it would have been Bush who made the decision to continue her use as a prison hulk -- or to destroy her.  In this story, Bush boards Temeraire for the first time since October 1805, and the memories flood back unbidden.  There is much love for Bush, much love for Nelson, and much ship love in this piece and it is most definitely worth a read. 

He had never been a fanciful man, yet ships had always seemed to him as live things; a sense he had neither contemplated nor questioned, and he ached to find his saucy girl reduced to this...a toothless, faded crone.

Shades of Glory
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3rd-Apr-2007 07:49 am The Beauty That Remains (The Hero Remix) by Randomalia (PG)
Hornblower Appreciation Week continues!  Today, I'm featuring Hornblower's "particular friend" and shipmate, William Bush, as he takes up the passenger seat beside me on the Hornblower Crack Van! *G*

Pairing:  None, William Bush
Author on LJ:  [profile] randomalia
Author's Website[profile] randomalia's Live Journal
Why this must be read:  Earlier this year, the Hornblower fandom participated in a "remix ficathon," called [profile] hh_remix, in which we each were assigned another author's work to remix, re-write, play with, and generally make a completely new fic out of.  In this case, [profile] randomalia took my poem, Sheerness, (So, I suppose I'm slightly biased, LOL) and she remixed it into this beautiful, lyrical, lovely tribute to the OTC for many of us, William Bush.  In the Hornblower saga, Forester created some dark, dark days for William Bush.  Having suffered a serious injury in the Battle of Rosas Bay, and showing his mettle in the recapture of the Witch of Endor, Bush is promoted to Captain.   But that promotion comes with a price.  The Admiralty rips him from his beloved sea and assigns him master at Sheerness Dockyard.  Landlocked.  This, to Bush, is like caging a wild tiger.  In this story, Bush reflects upon his injuries, his perceived entrapment, and boldly considers himself a Hardy to Hornblower's Nelson, which, in its own way, gives Bush hope.

The Admiral had been with Captain Hardy before the end, which was as it should be. How glad Hardy must have been, later when he could think of it. A great man, Admiral Nelson. Bush is of the opinion that Hornblower will be like him some day...

The Beauty That Remains (The Hero Remix)
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2nd-Apr-2007 07:44 am Breath by chateau_bleu (NC-17)
Pairing:  Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Author on LJ[profile] chateau_bleu
Author's Website[profile] chateau_bleu's LJ
Why this must be read:  [profile] chateau_bleu defintely has a twisted mind, and it's a wonderful thing.  *G*  Breath depicts a side of Horatio Hornblower's character that we all know is there, lurking beneath, bubbling up now and then, but never revealing itself full-fledged -- until now.  While this fic may not be everyone's "cup of tea," as [profile] chateau_bleu says, and it depicts an act which is dangerous and possibly fatal, it works.  It really does, with these characters... and with[info]chateau_bleu's writing, which is seamless and strong.  When I read this, I literally gasped.  Gasped, I tell you, and I understand that when this was originally written, the ending was done so that William Bush's fate was left unknown.  What's more... the last line of this fic left me chilled and shuddering.

It was, according to the ancients, a death of sorts, and Hornblower hovered there, caught between one world and the next.

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2nd-Apr-2007 07:21 am Lieutenant by Lokei (G)
In celebration of Hornblower Appreciation Week, I bring you another Horatio Hornblower rec!  My goal is to bring you one or two a day this week, and hopefully, I'll be able to post the winner of the Hornblower Appreciation Week contest at the end of the week.  Enjoy!

Pairing:  Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy (?)
Author on LJ:  [personal profile] lokei
Author's website:  [personal profile] lokei's LJ
Why this must be read:  Hornblower fandom is known for the diversity of talent in it's creative base.  [personal profile] lokei is no exception. While she normally writes prose and stories, here, she offers up poetry.  Beautiful poetry at that, not to mention it's in a sonnet form, and the sonnet is done well.  Very well.  This from me, a writer of poetry herself -- and one who has never been able to write a decent sonnet without it sounding sing-songy and stupid.  *G*   This sonnet reads like prose... you don't even realize it rhymes and has a meter until you step back and look at it... and that's a good thing.  This again, from an [profile] aos_challenge prompt, "Fair Winds and a Following Sea."

Happy as I to follow, though I go
Now on before you to that veiled shore.
We say it not, but wordless still we know
I wish for you, and you wish for me
The fairest of winds, and a following sea.

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1st-Apr-2007 04:35 pm Rumplestiltskin by Mylodon (PG)
Hey, everyone!  I'm [personal profile] iansmomesq, and I'll be the driver for the Horatio Hornblower fandom for the month of April.  It's been a banner few months for this fandom, and I hope to share some of the cool stuff that came out of some great challenges and prompt communities of late.  So, sit back, buckle in (or not) and enjoy the ride.

Happy Hornblower Appreciation Week!!!


Pairing:  Hornblower/Edrington
Author on LJ:  [personal profile] mylodon
Author's website Mylodon's LJ

Why this must be read:  Mylodon wrote this for the very first challenge at [profile] aos_challenge.  The prompt was "confessions."  Many of us in the fandom have always wondered what Major My Lord Edrington's first name *really* is.  Some call him Alexander, some call him Daniel.  Others just call him Major My Lord and let the title do the talking.  Here, Mylodon matched a drunken Hornblower with Edrington in a challenge of wits to guess Edrington's real name.  Hilarity and *cough* other things ensue.  You can see from the first comment that I had the gigglefits when I read this, and giving me the giggles is not an easy thing to do.  Most of the time.

Link to Story:  Rumplestiltskin
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29th-Mar-2007 03:16 pm Hornblower, Reflective by atropos_too (R)
Pairing: Hornblower/William Bush. Sort of.
Author on LJ: [ profile] atropos_too

Why this must be read: Yes, I know, that's a weasel answering for Pairing, but this is a difficult fic to categorize. There's a hint of romance in it, but no sexual action aside from Hornblower with his hand around himself. The primary movement comes from the motion of the sea. Everything in this story comes from the sea -- the glorious setting, the glorious descriptions, Hornblower's isolation as a captain, the joy he eventually finds.

[ profile] atropos_too writes with a control and sensitivity that are rarely found in fiction, let alone fanfiction.

Writing this good is better than porn.
It is bitterly, searchingly cold. His breath smokes on the pillow. The sheets, washed only in salt water for the last five months, can never be fully dried; they suck up the damp air of the cabin.

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13th-Mar-2007 11:12 am A favour for a shipmate by Hafren (G)
Pairing: Gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] hafren
Author Website: Hafren's Gloomy Patch of the Forest
Why this must be read:

This fic admittedly has the double kiss of fandom popularity death. It's not only gen, but it's also G-rated. Nobody dies. Nobody gets stabbed. No bits go into anybody or anyplace else, and it's not even written by somebody who spends a lot of time spamming fandom.

Still, though, it's a fic that should have a place in the heart of anybody who really, really does love Age of Sail fic. There are wonderful, authentic details. There is subtlety. There is storytelling. There is emotion. After reading it, you get a sense of the writer, of the intended reader, and, above all, of the period for which it was written.

All in less than 500 words. All spun out of the author's head. You can't really ask for more. Fantastic stuff.

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9th-Mar-2007 08:43 am Wrong by billytaylor (R)
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Author on LJ: [ profile] billytaylor
Author Website: Tag in journal.
Why this must be read:

Sweet. Charming. Funny. Brilliantly, brilliantly, "hand of fandom God reached down and touched" perfectly characterized. Touching in that heartachy, heartbreaky kind of way that only the very best fic gets to be, and I mean, I don't like first time fic. I don't like fic about drunk sex. I usually avoid the combination like the pizens, and I also don't like the use of titles like "the young man" or "the older man."

And yet I love this fic so much.

Hornblower obviously couldn't hold drink; anyone could almost guess that from looking at him when he was stone-cold sober.
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26th-Feb-2007 08:06 pm The Happiness of War by quigonejinn - (PG)
Pairing: William Bush
Author on LJ: [ profile] quigonejinn
Author Website: It's Sunday, Sir
Why this must be read:

Based on a fairy tale, "The Bravest Little Tailor", by the Brothers Grimm, [ profile] quigonejinn has woven a Hornblower fairy tale of her own. Only this time the brave little tailor is a brave little boy from Chichester, with all the superstitious belief that is so much a part of being a sailor.

It's a beautiful tale. And a sad one. The Brothers Grimm couldn't have done any better.

The Happiness of War
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23rd-Feb-2007 06:18 pm VID REC: Horatio Hornblower - I'm Too Sexy
Vidder: [ profile] scaryfangirl
Musical artist: Right Said Fred
Pairing: William Bush, Horatio Hornblower, Archibald Kennedy, Major Edrington
Vidder on LJ: [ profile] scaryfangirl
Vidder's website: uHf's Music Vids
Why this vid kicks ass:

Every fandom has an "I'm Too Sexy" vid, don't they? Well, even if they don't, Horatio Hornblower fandom does. *g* Outside of the sheer laugh appeal, this vid is technically well made. Crisp, clean and well edited to go with the music. A guilty pleasure for sure.

Warning: The ubiquitous Ioan Gruffudd naked arse scene makes an appearance in this vid.

I'm Too Sexy
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21st-Feb-2007 11:23 am Midnight Sun by dastier (PG)
Pairing: William Bush and Horatio Hornblower
Author on LJ:[ profile] dastier
Author Website: tagged in author's LJ
Why this must be read:

There is no question that [ profile] dastier writes nothing but quality fic. High quality. Here she delves into one of the pivotal events within "Lord Hornblower" -- the expedition to Caudebec. And we win. The characterization is, as always, true to C.S. Forester's vision. Coupled with [ profile] dastier's special insight and techinical skill, this is another prize from her pen.

Midnight Sun
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12th-Feb-2007 02:17 pm Temeraire:Lamentations by Idler_1814 (G)
Pairing: William Bush & HMS Temeraire
Author on LJ:[ profile] idler_1814
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read: Did I mention this fandom has good poetry? *g*

And yet another one. The author calls this a drabble, but it's poetry. Truly.

In C.S. Forester's canon he links William Bush with the ship of the line, H.M.S. Temeraire. Not only placing Bush on that ship during the Battle of Trafalgar, but also peppering the canon with metaphorical references, linking Bush and his life with the real life fate of that fabled ship. In this poem, [ profile] idler_1814 forges a chain between them of her own.

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4th-Feb-2007 08:10 pm Caudebec by iansmomesq (G)
Pairing: William Bush/Horatio Hornblower
Author on LJ:[ profile] iansmomesq
Author Website: NA
Why this must be read: Hornblower fandom has so much class we even have poetry. And really good poetry at that.

Caudebec is one of those. Based on the events in Lord Hornblower, in three short verses we see into Hornblower's head .... and heart, as he tries to absorb the impact of that tragic event which occurred on the quay of Caudebec. It's a seminal moment in the Hornblower canon, and this poem by [ profile] iansmomesq does it proud.

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23rd-Nov-2006 10:54 am Five Things that never happened to William Bush: Peace by Quigonejinn (PG)
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower/William Bush
Author on LJ: [ profile] quigonejinn
Author Website: it's sunday, sir
Why this must be read:

Peace is a rare fic. I think it's one of [ profile] quigonejinn's best, which is saying something, but it's a fic which is so well connected to the characters that the author and the author's style fade into the background. There are few stories in fandom which capture the sense of long life and shared hardship that is written in the Hornblower books; this one does.

It's an AU, a should-have-been, and it's perfectly, wrenchingly believeable. It's a story about how a lifelong friendship can be broken by death, and how love can't.

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13th-Nov-2006 07:26 pm God Acquits Us by Romanticalgirl (PG-13)
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: [ profile] romanticalgirl
Author Website: A Multitude of Voices
Why this must be read:

In the movieverse, Captain Sawyer is a character who is by turns cruel, dangerous and tragic. His paranoia, so unsettling and hard upon the crew, is undercut by his knowledge of his own madness -- we see glimpses of the Captain he used to be. We also see what could await Horatio further down the line.

In this insightful story, Romanticalgirl draws a powerful picture of Sawyer, of both his madness and his honour.

The problem is that, even if you are mad, you are still right.

God Acquits Us.
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3rd-Nov-2006 10:50 am Three Things by Quigonejinn (NC-17)
Pairing: William Bush/Jack Hammond
Author on LJ: [ profile] quigonejinn
Author Website: it's sunday, sir
Why this must be read:

This is one of my favourite fics in the Hornblower fandom. Lieutenant Bush is at home in the Navy, whereas young midshipman Jack Hammond finds life aboard ship strange and difficult. Both work at doing their duty, both have a particular desire for their captain's approval. They're also damn hot together.

Quigonejinn is a storyteller. This is a graceful, gorgeous look at the way life at sea changes everything.

There are only three things that you can never tell your friend Tom.

Three Things.
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