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31st-Dec-2008 05:32 pm Law & Underwear, by Alicia D Crede (NC-17)
Characters, Pairing: Stars or mentions Lennie Briscoe, Ed Green, Bobby Goren, Claire Kincaid, Don Cragen, Elliot Stabler, Anita Van Buren, Fin Tutuola, Alex Cabot, Olivia Benson, John Munch, George Huang, Jack McCoy, Serena Southerlyn, Nora Lewin, Paul Robinette, Ben Stone, and Dick Wolf. Pairings too many and too squicky to list.
Length: 1561 words
Author Website:
Why this must be read: OMG Crack. Shameless, eye-burning, glorious crack. You can't decide whether to shriek with laughter or meep with horror at the unnecessarily vivid imagery and vicious character abuse.

Excerpt: Alex needed little encouragement and soon had Fin pinned against the witness stand. (Her original plan had been to do it in Judge Schreiber’s chair, but upon further reflection, she realized the accompanying Old Man Smell would have a detrimental effect on the entire enterprise.)

Law & Underwear
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31st-Dec-2008 04:25 pm New York Rain by Trig (NC-17)
Pairing: Mike Logan/Jack McCoy
Length: 3995 words
Author Website:
Why this must be read: Oldie, but goodie. Jack McCoy and Mike Logan breathed such subtext on the screen for the one season they were both on together that slashing them was kind of inevitable. And, in Trig's case, also rather hot. ::fans self::

There's a few sequels to this, by the way. Just sayin' ;)

"Uh, look, I didn't mean to offend..."

"None taken." He let his tone say it all, and waited for the stranger's response. He hadn't picked someone up like this since college, but he remembered the rules. The ball was in the stranger's court now.

New York Rain
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22nd-Dec-2008 11:50 pm Deus Ex Machina by Kyllikki, (R)
Pairing: Jack McCoy/Claire Kincaid
Length: 805 words
Author on LJ:
Author Website:
Why this must be read: There are roughly 7,589 love stories about Jack and Claire, and at one point they made up roughly 78% of all Law & Order: Original Flavour fics. Approximately 7,5381 were "Claire Died and Everyone Cried, Especially Jack." This is probably the best I ever read; restrained, free of mush and schmoop, yet packing a solid emotional punch.

Kyllikki's summary is "Digital detritus in the postmodern age."

Deus Ex Machina

1: All numbers quoted are complete fabrications, made up entirely by me. I wouldn't be surprised if they were accurate, though ;)
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8th-Dec-2008 11:52 pm Settling by [ profile] clearbell (PG)
Pairing: Michael Cutter, Connie Rubirosa
Length: 1,048 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] clearbell
Author Website: (or a link to where more of their fic is archived)
Why this must be read: Because it's lovely :)

It's a wonderful introduction to the current characters. L&O Original is so averse to revealing anything about the characters that it takes patience and persistence to piece together their personalities, their possible interactions outside of the office, their real feelings about each other... and this story does all of that, beautifully.

Excerpt: She looks out the window of the diner, at the people struggling to stay upright in the snow. No sign of him yet, but that’s not unusual, because he’s chronically late. It occurs to her that she now spends half her life waiting for him.

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5th-Dec-2008 11:28 pm Law & Order: An Overview
Hi! I'm driving the van for Law & Order this month. It's not a huge fandom, but it does inspire some lovely fic. And as it appears there is no fandom overview for the fandom as a whole (although an excellent one was prepared for Law & Order: Criminal Intent a few years back), I'll start with that.

There have been four incarnations of Law & Order to date:

  1. Original )

  2. Special Victims Unit )

  3. Criminal Intent )

  4. Trial By Jury )

    Some Fandom Resources:
    apocrypha: the Law & Order fanzine
    [ profile] lawandorder100 - Weekly drabble fiction challenges for the Law & Order fandom
    [ profile] crim_int_fans - L&O: Criminal Intent Fans
    [ profile] lawandorderfic - Law & Order Fanfiction
    [ profile] thursday100plus - Fiction challenges for the Law & Order fandom
    [ profile] lawandorder_siu - Law & Order: Special Issues Unit
    [ profile] svu_media - Law & Order: SVU Media
    [ profile] svu_fiction - Law and Order: SVU Fan Fiction
    [ profile] svuslash - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Slash
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