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16th-May-2012 09:45 am The Devil Takes His Own, by Kiyala (R)
Title: The Devil Takes His Own
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Length: 29,623
Author on LJ: [ profile] kiyala ([ profile] shannys_corner)
Author Website: Author's works on AO3
Why this must be read: The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, and the humans have done their best to pick themselves up and keep going in a world crawling with the infected. Several things have changed since the rising, and one of these changes is the rise in social media. Inception is a team of bloggers, run by Arthur and Eames, who can drive into zombie territory without batting an eyelid, but are far too afraid to act on the tension they both feel between them.

That's right: it's a Newsflesh AU!!! And if you're a fan of Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)'s bestselling zombie blogger dystopia Feed and its sequels, you absolutely must read this clever and thorough fusion with the universe of Inception. Even if you're not familiar with the books, it's still easy to enjoy this gripping and dark look at what happens to Dreamshare in the middle of the zombie apocalypse (though I would recommend at least reading the wikipedia page to ground yourself in the universe), and how even when thrust into completely different roles, the Inception team still maintains their unique skill set, while Arthur and Eames still maintain their endless, eternal UST. Also, I really love the way this fic weaves the plot of Inception into and around the world of Newsflesh, with the stakes being even higher in the post-apocalypse. Plus, there's a deliciously psychotic turn by Cobb in this fic. I can't help it, I really love fics where Cobb is a satisfyingly complete and utter dick--he's all that and more in this, while still being tragically easy to empathize with. And meanwhile, Arthur and Eames are beautifully in love.

Nobody works with you as well as I do, and I hate the thought of you having to make do. )

The Devil Takes His Own
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