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15th-Feb-2004 08:24 am CV Collision: EVERWOOD/MY SO-CALLED LIFE (R)
Title: The Last Refuge of 1998 by lalejandra
Pairing: Ephram Brown/Jordan Catalano
Author on LJ: [ profile] lalejandra
Author Website: You can find this and other Ephram-centric crossovers at Ephram's Adventures in New York

Why this must be read: I hardly ever like crossovers. Most attempts prove to be very clumsy and does not give justice to one, if not both fandoms. But there are a few exceptions. Like this fic.

I loved My So-Called Life. I emphatize with Angela, loving the wild, unattainable Jordan Catalano. I had a big crush on him...I mean, who wouldn't, right? And lalajendra strikes the right chord as she writes Jordan as an older, jaded and once-famous musician (which is a great counterpoint to Ephram's current success in the music industry).

There's really no doubt that lalejandra writes Everwood characters well...I love her Ephram here -- older and more mellowed out, yet still like the jaded teenager that he was when he came to Everwood. And I was so interested in the backstory about how both Ephram and Jordan came to be at the moment of meeting. She negotiates their past wonderfully, planting seeds of awe and envy and UST along the way. Until she creates a wonderful foundation for their possibly shared future.

The Last Refuge of 1998
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