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8th-Dec-2004 12:50 pm Man on the Moon, by Chrissie (PG)
Fandom : CLAMP – SERIES: CLAMP Campus Detectives
Pairing : Nokoru/Suoh (very little tiny bit!)
Author on LJ: [ profile] sesame_seed
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

This is a character driven piece, it quiet but powerful. When I first read it I found myself thinking, 'yes exactly!' the whole way through. It just seemed so true to the characters -- especially Nokoru, and how they might interact as they grow older.

CCD is usually such a fun manga, and most of the fic for this fandom reflects that. But like all manga created by CLAMP it does have a certain darkness lurking underneath.

This fic captures that darkness without being angsty. It captures Nokoru's inner self and gives the reader an idea of what to expect when we see Nokoru, Suoh and, Akira again in X.

Simply wonderful!

Man on the Moon
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1st-Dec-2004 01:53 pm CLAMP: A limited Overview

I will be running one of this month's Small Fandom supplements.

The fandom I will be in charge of is actually a collection of fandoms created by CLAMP.

For those not familiar with CLAMP I will give a small (ok it is long...) overview of who they are and what you can expect from their work and the work of their fans.

Info about CLAMP )

Since many may be unfamiliar with the fandoms I will be making recommendations from I will give a short overview of a few of them. Please note I may REC from a CLAMP fandom that I was unable to provide an overview for, but most of the RECs will be from the fandoms listed bellow.

So here they are:
Selected CLAMP fandom overviews )

And Finally...
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