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15th-Dec-2011 09:10 pm official correspondence by incandescens (PG)
A second story for Crossover Day.

Pairing: n/a
Length: 879 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] incandescens
Author Website: Maya's fanfic page
Why this must be read:

How often do we get a chance to rifle through the confidential files of either the Hellsing Organization or the Queen's Watchdog? An exchange of letters between Ciel Phantomhive and Integra Wingate Hellsing, regarding Ciel's employment of an individual who might be of interest to Hellsing, it's at once gloriously funny and capable of making a reader feel sorry, if briefly, for Sir Integra and Ciel both.

official correspondence
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15th-Oct-2009 08:25 pm Highlander/Hellsing (R)
Title: Six Thousands years in...
Pairing: Methos/Alucard (sort of)
Author on LJ: Sakiku
Author Website: on
Why this must be read: The highlander fandom has so many fantastic very popular crossovers. I thought I would rec something that most people haven't heard of. The series starts with Six thousand years in a bar and is a crossover with the anime series Hellsing, but should be enjoyable even to those not familiar with Hellsing. Methos is ducking 'fledgling' vampires by slipping into a bar and meets Alucard, the arrogant master vampire who is currently under the control of the 'Hellsing organisation'. Throughout the series Alucard prowls around trying to satisfy his curiosity about the cagey immortal. They spend their time trying to outwit and intimidate each other, ending up with a strange sort of friendship, that I imagine is similar to the sort of reationship he had with Kronos.
A sample )

Six Thousand Years in a Bar
Six Thousand Years on a Plane
Six Thousand Years in a Room
Considerably More than Six Thousand Years in Space

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